Welcome & New Moon Cleanse


Happy New Beginnings & Blessings to all.

Welcome to my new website, I hope you have greeted all the spirit essences on your way here.

For those who have come to me from Snapchat, I’m sure you are all very familiar with me and what I love to do. I must admit, this is not my first attempt at blogging (or the last I’m afraid). I used to host several websites, but never quite found my perfect zone, or niche if you will.

Many moons and arguments later, I finally mustered up the internal courage to follow what I knew in my heart to be truth. I hit an internal wall, back and forth, debating every soul in human existence, until reaching the today age of 23 Years Old. The age in which (or witch) I have finally found the fairytale escape I so hoped was false, to avoid the heroic embarkment I pushed away. (You say potato I say poh-tato; I look 10 to some and apparently 30 to others. One of life’s many mysteries.)

You see, there is no debating God, and I came to know that the hard way. As hard as I tried categorizing everything in my mind and chalking all up to lack of sleep or dare I say it – Schizophrenia. Divine intervention is simply divine intervention.

So where do I go from here?

I would personally prefer the kitchen at this hour.

But in all seriousness; where do I go?

& that my sweets, is where this blog or safe heaven (as I like to call it) comes in…

So grab your Spell Books and have a seat, preferably next to your pet. Make yourself comfortable as we move on to my first New Moon Post.

 Header 1


I got this lovely recipe from a novice witch I hold dear & tweaked it to my liking. Patchouli oil has a somewhat sweet yet, pungent odour and is great for healing on all levels, like a New Moon. If you find Patchouli to be a tad bit strong, then opt for something more sweet and calming like Lavender. Cedar Wood is very earthy and grounding and is great for working outdoors or doing ceremonial work outside (like charging crystals or connecting with herbs on a New Moon). Sweet Orange is one of my favourite scents for when I’m feeling bland and bored – it’s sweet and sour, like Sour Patch Kids (jelly is just… everything you could hope for in a bite, with a kick). Use Jojoba Oil or Coconut Oil if you do not have the carrier oils above, but most of all, Enjoy!

Header 2

A New Moon is a time of profound emotional renewal on every level. Connect with the Divine Feminine in all of us by connecting to the Goddess given gift, La Luna.

I’m not one for exacts and I would hate to tell anyone otherwise. Trying to fit myself in a box and sticking to things as if they were set in stone is what got me into trouble in the first place. Excuse me in advance, for constantly telling you to do what feels right. That is my truth. From me to you.

A good start to tell you while you are off & on your way, is to treat each moon phase as a chance to harness it’s energy. Half Moon for anxiety, almost completing a project, getting ideas in order.. so on and so forth and using each Moon Phase according to your desired spell, grimoire or spell book.

Good Luck and Blessed Be




  1. Robert G. · April 17, 2017

    You’re a gem. Thank you for this, beauty.


  2. FireFree · April 17, 2017

    First off I’ve been following you since like ’11 Twitter. I’m a huge fan even tho I KNOW you hate that word – hehe :'{. You’re the most beautiful person ever, all of those fake insta girls with fake followers can go….. You post pic from the back camera with 0 makeup and no editing & you make the whole world cry ❤

    I just wanted to know if you could pleeeeese make a post about skin care ❤

    ~ Lateefa


    • angelremedy · April 17, 2017

      What a sweetheart, you are! I love those Instagram girls and wish no animosity or Ill will against them, but I guess you’re right. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. Thank You so much L6eefa xxxxx


    • angelremedy · April 17, 2017

      Also, skin care post coming right up. I have another one queued as we speak.


  3. Aladdin Sorcery · April 17, 2017

    Aboriginal Witch, indeed.


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