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Fairy Night Wings

I have been sifting through the internet the whole day yesterday and today, and came across a lot of discrepancies I wanted to share with all of you. As someone who loves finding people with like interests and hobbies, like most people do, I took to the internet to find spells & magic blogs.

What I found was staggering. The amount of phonies, fake HTML codes and misleading blog articles blew my mind. I do not wish to bring up the names of these Websites or call them out, as it is their free will and Karma to deal with, but I do wish to warn everyone. Please use your intuition before believing anything. I have been through real psychics, fake psychics and energy healers & real genuine ones that deserve all the attention.

First of all, be sure to notice the signs. A real Good Witch, Psychic or Healer would never put so much emphasis on money. Of course money is a part of the material world and we need it to survive, but there is a difference between needing it and being hungry for it at the cost of other people’s emotions. A fake psychic will not go into so much detail, barely giving names and hair colours or letters, at best. A real psychic will be able to delve much deeper – and most importantly, energies do not lie. Why would a psychic, someone supposedly guided by God Angels & whatnot, not have any cleansing tools? Real crystals? Incense? Yeah. Doesn’t make sense to me either.

The internet is a wondrous place filled with so many experiences and faces to learn from. The downside, however; is that it can also breed people who find it hilarious to be deceiving from the comfort of their own home. Please be aware, My sweets. Please use your intuition and trust your feelings.

Before I move on to the good stuff, I would like to say I believe in a world of dualities. Good cannot exist without Bad. That is the beauty of free will, or tragedy, depending on how you view it. Lets us all leave the judging to something or someone greater.

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. . .Rather fitting I got this card today from a Psychic Sister’s website. . .

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.36.40 PM

With this post being about truth & protection, I decided to create 3 Spells + Tools to use for both cases. If you would like to tweak it to your liking I will also provide substitute herbs, candles and tools. Enjoy! 😀

Herbal Foot Soak After Feuding

If you have had a rough time lately, constantly feeling the need to defend your truth or have difficulties seeing the balance between speaking up or always resting – this is PERFECT. It is hard. I know, trust me. It is hard coming from a place of light and feeling like you are constantly being shocked by the endless mirage of negativity. Well hopefully, this might soothe your emotions and make you understand.


  • Rosemary ٠Rosmarinus Officinalis٠  {can be substituted by Mint, Seaweed or Grape Leaves}
  • Lime ٠Citrus Aurantifolia٠ {can be substituted by Orange peel or slices, Sweet Orange Oil, Lemongrass essential oil or Grapefruit}
  • Lavender Essential Oil ٠Lavandula٠ {can be substituted by Jasmine flower or oil}
  • Vanilla Essential Oil ٠V. Planifolia٠ {Rose Water or Rose Petals}
  • Pink or Green Candles ٠ {Four will do}
  • A Bowl that can fit both your feet, comfortably, not something that can spill over or cause you discomfort. Preferably one with designs you deem peaceful and soothing.
  • Water {It will get purified when you soak it with good intentions & Essential Oils}

Rosemary carries a very clean smell with it. It reminds me of long baths, soothing bath salts and shower gels and Volumizing Organic Shampoos. I have a plethora of them growing in my garden and can never pass them by without pulling a sprig & smelling it. The substitutes I provided for each carries either the same aroma or touch.

Limes, especially when sweet, remind me of a Faerie Garden and all things Sparkly. Lavender is a champion of calming nerves and soothing muscle aches. Vanilla is sweet, cute and that is extremely important in understanding & calming. Candles are sometimes essentials for spells and magic work, fire draws energy in & strengthens spells. Water is life. It runs through us all and is almost everyone’s go to energiser.

I hope that provided enough information. Feel free to ask me for any more.


  1. Find a calm space of peace where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Light the candles in a square around you. You being in the centre of four candle points.
  3. Place the bowl in the centre of the square & pour the water while chanting the following: “I Am Light. I Am One Too Strong To Fight. But If I Should To See The Light, This Bath Will Bring The Right.”
  4. Place the Oils and Herbs in the Bowl.
  5. Place your feet in the Bowl. You can either stand or sit depending on how long you would like to do this for.
  6. After you are done, flush the remaining water in the toilet while imagining all your sorrows going down with it.

Truth Potion


I have been on the edge of a cliff & extremely eager to provide everyone with a Real witch’s treat: Truth Potion.

There is an infinite amount of varieties & variations, but I want to provide you with a simple starter to avoid confusion. This potion will reveal to you what needs to be revealed for everyone’s highest good, not to manipulate others into doing your will (although that will come later, when everyone is more ready). To understand magic we must first understand Energy. If you were to set the intention as ‘works in my room only’ then it will work upon someone entering your room or chambers. This particular spell will work when someone is withholding something from you that is in your highest good. It will make them, quite literally, speak the truth. This spell will work according to your own Divine Guidance and Will. 


  • This spell will only work when it is dawn outside. Dawn in The Kingdom of Bahrain is somewhere between 4:3O – 6:OO AM.
  • Sea Salt or Celtic Salt
  • A Sachet
  • Thyme {It has a very confusing odour to it – in a good way. I find that anyone who is repulsed by nature is carrying way too much negative energy}
  • Coconut or Olive Oil {Anything else will be too sweet to create such an effect}

If you do not have any of the following, table salt works fine too, but sea salt carries sea essence with it. Sachet can be cloth or plastic. زعتر is a good substitute to Thyme, some say it is the same but I find that there are so many varieties of زعتر.


  1. Go outside when it is dawn & find a spot that seems right.
  2. Lay the ingredients on the ground or place them over a large piece of cloth.
  3. Combine salt, thyme and oil in a bowl & mix together. Does not need to be sifted or refined.
  4. Pour the ingredients in sachet.
  5. Hold it towards The Sun to harness it’s powers & repeat the following THREE TIMES: “Powers Of The Sun Shining Bright. As You Grow The Trees And Ferns, As You Grow My Herbs And Bring Summer Rays, Illuminate The Way For Truth Here To Stay”.
  6. Carry the sachet in your pocket or on your person and get ready for the truth.

I decided to tag along as I was writing this 😀

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Protect Your Home Protection Bowl

This is a must for any novice or anyone looking to make their home a safe space. There is only so much you can do to protect yourself, but this is my tried and true. Get ready to hear people complaining about car troubles near your place of residence…


  • Frankincense Oil ٠Olibanum٠ {A substitute for this would be Bukhoor}
  • White Petunia (7 removed from stem) ٠Solanaceae, subfamily Petunioideae٠ {A substitute would be any other colour of Petunias. I like white for purification. They are in abundance in Bahrain and are easily broken apart, very delicate. It is called مشموم in Arabic along with another plant with green leaves, and is part of Bahraini traditions}
  • A sturdy Bowl that cannot be broken easily.
  • Any coloured Pen.
  • Paper.
  • Most importantly, it needs to be a Half Moon outside.

Frankincense is an all purpose substitute for Sage or any cleansing resin. Petunias are delicate and sweet, a good counteraction for any negative intention or spell. A bowl is a great disguiser for spells, it can be placed outside as decor. The Moon is a one of a witch’s tools to harness feminine energy.


  1. Go outside on a Half Moon and find a comfortable spot to sit. Write the following down on a piece of paper: “If Home Is Where The Heart Is, Make It Pure And Clean. If Anyone Should Pass Whose Heart Is Filled With Mean, Will Be Cleansed Of All Their Mean And Enter As Clean”.
  2. Place it at the bottom of the Bowl.
  3. Fill it with your Pure Petunias.
  4. Sprinkle the top with Frankincense Oil.
  5. Place outside your home entrance. Preferably where no one can kick it or tamper with it.

And there you have it! Three spells that ring true and will make you feel like new. Have fun and as always My Sweets….

Blessed Be


side note: I have been getting questions about custom Blingees & I would love to do that when I have the time. Contact me on Snapchat for that. Also, I would like to point out that this is for witches & practitioners. If any of the following offends you please do not sprinkle your doubt on this page.


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