To Find A Lover

Did Someone Order a Taxi?

This was a personal request and as morbid and sordid as this picture might seem, I am a fairytale romantic at heart. I love, love. I love the idea of love. I get inhumanely uncomfortable talking about love, because to me, I am the epitome of cheesiness. My idea of love is soul binding.

Let us not get too ahead of ourselves here (I’m speaking to myself here, mostly) and let us get back to the Title of this post.

I got this request via email and was on the verge of posting it privately. I don’t like speaking about love spells out & in the open because Hollywood and conservative folks love envisioning an old hag with a pointy hat, who rides a broomstick & gives out sweets to little children.

The reality is, humans crave love and that is a fact no one can argue. This love spell will not hypnotise someone and turn them into a zombie (Unless you want me to, of course); but it will find someone in a soul-matching sense.



This spells works as a calling card. It will align you with someone who is for your highest good, and theirs.

If you are looking for something a little deeper, that will come later on. This is an all-around starter spell for anyone feeling hopeless about love or when they fill find someone. This will manifest as a phone call, new add on Social Media or meeting them in an unexpected place. The idea behind the spell, is to direct your person’s energy to you and make them notice you. This is an overnight spell; meaning it will manifest the day after you do it. So, let’s get started….. Shall we?


  • Five Red Candles
  • Red Roses {as many as you would like, pour your emotion into this. Disconnect them from the stem & discard, as the stem sometimes contains thorn}
  • Aphrodite {The Goddess, of course.}
  • Cayenne Pepper 

Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. If you’re lucky enough, you may catch a glimpse of her in reality or in your dreams. She is a Global Spirit Guide of Love. Red Roses are symbolic as well as magical. It has been said in the 1800s (United Kingdom) that any woman who beholds a single Red Rose does the Devils work, because of how well known red roses are for their loving properties. Candles, along with fire, harness energy from the elements and the Earth around us. Cayenne pepper is fiery and spicy and reminds me of passion. Every drop of energy and intention goes into Magic – something I am still learning.


  1. Use your Cayenne Pepper to cast a circle around your area of practice.
  2. Arrange the candles any way you would like, and then light them. Be sure not to do this under anything flammable or over carpet.
  3. Sprinkle your Red Roses within the circle & do not forget to smell them as well. Let that be a reminder of why you are doing this.
  4. Sit in the centre of the circle and say the following aloud: “Aphrodite, Goddess of Love And Beauty, Bring To Me The LoveR Of My Dreams And Duty. I Ask Of You To Guide His/Her Beauty To My Sight, Here After This Night.”
  5. Step out of the circle when done and either discard Ingredients or use around your home. Who would throw away fresh roses? 😦


You may feel a little light-headed after this spell and/or giddy. Do not be alarmed and enjoy being open to new Universal Energy.

I was in the kitchen on the verge of passing out, last night. I tried a new spell in the kitchen at dawn and was on the floor laughing, talking to my dogs for a good hour. I’m sorry if the same happens to you

Before coming to a close on this post, I thought about leaving a nice, short story to send everyone off with.


A young soldier awakens on a battlefield. He is confused and in great pain and it takes him a while to realise that it is already some days after the battle has finished, and all that’s left are the dead which surround him.

He is cold, heartbroken at the loss of his friends and the loss of the war and is about to let himself sink into the earth and accept his final defeat when a flash catches his weary eye – the sun has broken through the clouds and bright white rays fall on the valley.

In an instant, he understands that he is still alive and that is all that matters for now. He gathers his strength and begins his long journey that will eventually, take him home.

I put a spell on YOU

I must say the Energies coming to Earth at this time are very strong and are taking a toll on anything you do not want to unburden. I myself am having a hard time letting go of the past. Not anything emotional (problems of a Capricorn moon -cold-), but more transformational. Letting go of what was and accepting what is, seems like a walk in the park in theory. Simply changing the interior of your room is hard for anyone sentimental, let alone people getting thrown in and out of your life. I feel like the story above, resonated with my letting go on a deep level. If you find it hard to unburden, look to the simplest happiness in life for answers.

Blessed Be



  1. EyeSeaShadows · April 19, 2017

    You are a GODDESS


    • angelremedy · April 20, 2017

      Thank you, Shadow. XX


  2. 67 · April 20, 2017

    You are a beauty

    I am here from WOTC.


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