Full Moon {April 26.2017}

Renaissance Vampire

The 2nd of April, marks the coming of a New Moon or as I like to call it a Full New, Moon. I consider it to be the same thing, because I consider New and Moon and Full and Light to be the same thing. This was longer than I had intended it to be, I apologise for dragging you out. I am currently listening to Transylvanian music that accidentally slipped it’s way into my playlist. I feel like a Dark Night. So, back to the New Moon; this phase is going to be an emotional one, taking us from the hibernation of winter to the warmth and vibrancy of summer.

The reason I like to join the two, is because they mean the same thing. A Full MOON is what the Ancients called the Feminine gifts of the Moon, and New sprung from a more Western understanding of The Divine Feminine.

Excuse me a moment, for being a little bit biased here. Listening to all this Renaissance music got me thinking about how women were treated in the 1700s and how makeup was a sin. Would you believe that? Makeup? Hundreds of years later and not a lot has changed. Women still get told at a young age that wearing makeup invites attention from men and sets you apart, in a sometimes negative light, from other women.

I don’t want to get too caught up in the negative, so I am going to go back to Luna. 


This New Moon is the perfect time to let go of communication blocks. If you feel like you are constantly thinking of what to say and never saying it, this is the time to start anew. 

It is always said, by anyone who is into New Age Energies and Witchcraft that the moon affects our energies. But what it also can do for you, like the tides of The Ocean, is to make emotions rise, settle and calm. Take this Moon as an opportunity to connect with the world. Get grounded. Get familiar with what each Moon phase can do for you and beauty of Earth’s gifts. 

Now is the time to shed your winter sadness into the bubbly faerie light of summer.

With that in mind, I wanted to give you all a head start. 

Tools To Help You Harness Moon Energy

  •  Salt {Open you salt jar or shaker and allow it to absorb the Moon’s energy. We use it  to season all our meals, makes it the perfect Talisman}
  • SpellBook {Bring your family Book or New One with you. Moon-Gaze with your book by your side. Energy is contagious.}
  • Pictures you want to use for spells {Like speaking to someone who has passed or seeing the future.}
  • Past Life Spells {A lot of them call for a Mirror, so bring yours with you & allow it to absorb all the Good energies it can.}
  • Crystal Wands {When cleansed, especially, they can emit lights & orbs. Not to mistake this with reflections. Light will be around it or further from it not within the Crystal.}

Have Fun and Blessed Be….


side note: People have been requesting Black Magic recipes, knowing that the Title of this Blog is Angel Remedy. Black rituals usually call for some sort of animal sacrifice or human. That is something that I cannot think about, let alone do. Hope this has been cleared up.


  1. Maha32 · April 20, 2017

    ❤ You are a unique woman, you don't remind me of this era. أسطورة


  2. 697 · April 20, 2017



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