Ruler of Olympus

Masculine and Feminine

I noticed a lack of Masculine on My Blog. I filled it with versions upon versions of different Goddesses and Gods but only posted about the Feminine.

I like a world where Masculine cannot Exist without Feminine. We have both within us all. Masculine is willpower, high-paced energy, getting passionately angry, Light, Candle Magic and The Sun. Feminine is water-filled emotions, Rose Quartz crystals, going to the spa, Love & Lust Magic and The Moon.


I included a lightning bolt for Zeus, since that is what he was also famous for other than…

Zeus, Ruler of Olympus was the supreme ruler of Mt. Olympus. Zeus was in charge of justice, morals and law. His word was to be obeyed by both men and gods alike. Today, many Witches continue to honor Zeus and the other gods of Ancient Greece. Representing a belief in viewing The Almighty as both Feminine and Masculine.


A Nice Ritual To Meditate On For Abundance in Rainstorms is Calling for Zeus’ help To Fix Broken Items and Heal Domestic Issues. After All, He Was In Charge of Justice For Many Years When He Walked The Earth.

Have Fun and Blessed Be…



  1. ILoveFairiesToo · April 22, 2017

    Can I collect rain water and I use it in spells? Is that considered dirty?


  2. L8 · April 22, 2017

    Help me please. My sister passed away 7 years ago and I tried contacting every MEDIUM I could find and none of them brought closure. They never gave me personal information I could hold on to. If you could just post a spell that would be great.


    • angelremedy · April 22, 2017

      I am so very sorry to hear that. I will have you and her in my thoughts and prayers ❤ My father passed away in his sleep years ago and the shock of losing someone so suddenly, coupled with the knowledge we have, will send you looking for deeper answers. Let me find the right spell for you after I try it myself. Don't give up on your abilities.

      Love and Blessings to you..



  3. Arabian Nights · April 22, 2017

    You’re so creative I wanna cry ❤ Notice me


  4. Jameela Buroscki · April 22, 2017

    I co-sign what the top comment said ^ can I collect rainwater?


  5. *Hi* · April 22, 2017

    And you are the only exception….


  6. Zoe Reiki · April 22, 2017

    Hang on a minute, you never told me you spoke to Zeus am kinda jelly :(((((


    • angelremedy · April 22, 2017

      HAHAHA. You sly devil. I keep him close for safety 😉


  7. Spicy Falafel · April 22, 2017

    Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul that love never lasts 💔


    • angelremedy · April 22, 2017

      And we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone… 🌼

      Your name made me hungry.


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