Spirit Summoning Spells

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We all know what grieving looks like. Loss, hope, despair. Losing someone who you thought you would never lose, someone who you would think could die, but not anytime soon. We also know everyone dies – eventually. 

Eventually is a far away land in your mind’s eye. Somewhere you know in your heart exists but feels too dark to accept. That is the reality of what a lot of people fear. Fear that there is no hope. That as much as you cling on to everything good this life has to offer – What if? That is normal. Being a person who seeks justified answers to questions no one has answered – is normal too. 

Excuse me for sounding like an old soothsayer. I created a spell before writing this down and it is making me sound like something I am laughing about – as we speak. I’ll spare you the details of how I took five hours to write this because I could not stop laughing. 

I decided after countless comments that I had to, needed to and wanted to create; Two Spells that would help you contact one person from the hereafter. One per spell.

Now, remember, please, as always, this is used to communicate with a LOVED one only. 

Never try contacting a spirit before using sage to smudge the entire area. Do not take risks for the sake of fun and proving a point.

Let us get started – Shall we?

Pepper Me This 💀


  • White Candles {White is always used for purification. In this case hope would be lovely, too. Harnessing the energy of hope to magnify your intention.}
  • Night Time {As to not be in doubt when seeing anything and chalking it up to lights}
  • Aloe
  • Pepper {Please do not get this in your eyes. It burns.}
  • Rice {Rice absorbs electromagnetic fields and is used in many traditional weddings, to bring prosperity, fertility and good fortune.}




The notion of darkness scares a lot of people. I beg to differ. Darkness is a natural and normal phase of Mother Earth. You cannot have Light without Darkness. You cannot have The Sun without The Moon. Darkness shows room for different kinds of ceremonies and spells, especially contacting the dead. The fear of not being able to see anything and the fear of unknown is normal. If anything, it is needed in order to grow.


  1. Place your candles in a circle around you. Light them coun·ter·clock·wise:
    in the opposite direction to the way in which the hands of a clock move around.
  2. Proceed by placing the Rice in the same direction in which you lit the candles.
  3. Sprinkle some pepper on the exact spot you would like your loved one to appear. This is not a must but it helps with feelings of agitation. It harnesses your focus to that exact spot.
  4. Rub some Aloe on your hands it protect your energy from escaping.
  5. Wait.

When the spell has been completed, blow your candles out and throw away the rice you used. You would not want to eat it because it contains a lot of energy.

You can use this spell as often as you would like but be sure never to try this if you are low on energy, tired or have done this back to back. Accepting loss and seeing the value in both life and death is key to performing something like this. If you are going to use this as a means to escape reality, this will not work. 

This a spell I received from a very interesting Email I enjoyed. I promised him I would post it here and share it with all of you ❤

New Beginnings 💀


A White Candle
2-4 Inch String
6 Inch Square Green Fabric
A Key
Iris or Orris Root
Dried Chamomile Or Daisy
A White Ribbon


Write your name on the candle while saying: 

“Fresh and clean, with flame so pure,
My old life is now obscure” 

Visualise in vivid detail what you expect from your new life and see new opportunities unfolding. 

Cut the string in half, letting the pieces fall to the ground. Place them on the cloth while saying: 

“Remove my boundaries, Isis.
Liberate me, Libertas” 

Place the key on the cloth while saying: 

Janus, please unlock your doors,
A new beginning, I implore” 

Place the Iris or Orris in the cloth and say: 

Isis, help me cross the bridge.
Janus, give me what I wish” 

Place the daisy or chamomile in the cloth and say: 

Freya, make all fresh and new.
Do now what I ask of you” 

Gather the edges of the cloth together and tie them with the ribbon to form a pouch. 

As you knot the ribbon say: 

“A brand new life, I start today.
I seal my old life out – away.
I now embrace what come to me.
In growth and opportunity” 

Let the candle burn down, then carry the pouch on your person or in your purse or pocket for as long as you feel you need it.

And there you have it…

I recommend doing the New Beginning Spell before Pepper Me This, but that is just me. I like the sound of a bright beginning before doing something darker.

To Whomever This May Concern,

I hope this brightened your day as much as it did mine,

There once was a woman whose travels had taken her far, far away from home, across the years and the many miles. One day, she was tired and despondent, worn out and weary from her travels and her works, in a small lodging in a strange city. As she went to shut her window, a scent caught her attention – someone was baking a cake. Instantly she felt hurtled back to being a small child and helping her mother in the kitchen. She closed the window softly, turned around and looked at her little cooker in the corner of her room. She decided there and then to not just eat a piece of bread and cheese again, but on this night, to cook a meal for herself, to make herself at home.

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Blessed Be


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