Sea, Sun And Spells


Hey All,

I haven’t blogged in a few days and that is because I’m currently in the Maldives.

It’s always refreshing to go somewhere new, calm and full of Oceanic serenity and bliss – with the added bonus of privacy. 

I was on the beach all day yesterday, watching the Sea Crabs scurry their way back to the waters, and the sea go from greyish hues to a crystal clear blue; and I thought it would be the perfect time to harness the Sea’s energy.

There is no greater cleanser, exfoliant and energiser than the Sea. Sea Salt is an emotional stabiliser and sand is one of my favourite exfoliants (I was diving and picking up sand from the bottom of the Ocean and scrubbing my legs with it). Practitioners who live near Sea waters have always documented and spoke of it’s magical properties. They would collect buckets of Sea water and leave them ashore and warned of how negative energies can be drawn to the Sea energy, making Sea Salt an excellent combatant or shield. 


Sailors have told stories of seeing Mermaids, for brief moments at a time. They are very hard creatures to spot because their energies are so used to the Sea Salt and not the many energies on Earth. 

With Sea being the theme here, and me conjuring up many ideas while sun bathing and swimming; I decided to put a up a Sea Spell. One that would help us, and the possible creatures of the Sea. After all, we still haven’t discovered or uncover every crevice in the Ocean or its depths. 


Sea Energiser Spell:

Feeling jet lagged is not fun, I know. I felt it yesterday and was almost too tired to swim. Just as I was unpacking a thought came to mind, Sun and Sea spell? Why not.

Let me know if you need substitutes for the following.


  • A Glass Cup {As to not wet the cup}
  • Sea Water
  • The Sun


  1. Fill the cup with Sea Water.
  2. Find a nice place outside, where you can feel the Sun’s energy or heat. 
  3. Hold your glass in the palm of your hands and repeat the following, once:

Sun Shining Bright

Bring Out The Shine In Mine 

The Sea Glimmers In Your Presence

Colours Change And Skies Unite

Bring Out The Shine In Mine

Giving back Good Energies to the world to recycle and use will in turn, help Creatures of the Sea. I hope this will make you feel as energised as I did. I got in with three hours of sleep and managed to swim for hours on end (It took me a while to realise I was sun burnt).

Good Luck and Blessed Be



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  1. Reign · April 29, 2017

    You make me happy ❤

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