Connecting With Your Inner Witch

Water Nympho

Water is such an important tool to utilise as a witch. Not only does our body flow with so much water, but it is a vital part of living. I came to realise how important it is to nourish and replenish us. Salt water for pulling toxins out, and normal water for hydrating you after the Sea. 

I was swimming along the shore and noticed hot and cold spots throughout the Sea, and then I remembered; different body temperatures at once is so good for our body circulation. It can be a tad bit intimidating at first, for someone not accustomed to swimming in the Ocean to go far and wide, being one with aquatic life, but I realised upon swimming for a while that you tend to notice which Chakra is imbalanced. I was immersed in everything except sounds. I couldn’t really pay attention to what everyone was saying or the sounds of The Ocean – Throat Chakra. 


Clearer Sounds Spell:

This will make sounds clearer for you and more audible. It might be a bit alarming at first. You’ll hear sounds you didn’t hear before and you might get a little jumpy. Five minutes in, you’ll enjoy it too much to care about anything else. Nature will be intensified. The water will feel clearer. And you’ll feel a new found like for sounds. 


  • Sea Shore
  • Water {Does not have to be Sea Water. Bottled water will do}
  • Day Time


  1. Pick up sea ornaments you are drawn to, such as sea shells or coral. Find enough to form a small circle.
  2. Create a small circle in the sand, and pour some water around it. If it is a windy day try working with the wind so the water doesn’t splash around.
  3. Visualise the sounds you want to hear and take in the environment.
  4. Touch the ornaments while repeating the following three times: “Waters Still, Emotional Tides. Waters Still, Still Tides. Waters Still, Sounds Rise”

Good Luck and Blessed Be




  1. Reign · April 29, 2017

    Glad you’re havinn fun in the maldives ❤
    Noticed de comments not here I guess da party is on snapchat ❤


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