Candle Curse

Lonely Girl

A Simple But Effective Candle Curse

You will need:
Two candles
A needle

Take a candle, preferably black or red. With a needle, write the name of the person you’re cursing. Take that same needle and burn the tip of it in the flame of another candle.

Once the tip is black, imagine the person you are cursing and stab the candle with their name in it. How many times you stab the candle is up to you. I usually choose 23, since it’s a number sacred to Eris.

When your candle is sufficiently stabbed, light it and focus on your curse’s intention. For instance, if someone has stolen from you, your intention could be that they would experience an equal theft.

Let the candle fully melt. You don’t want to reuse this one.


Harnessing Fire Magic (A Witch’s Guide to Elemental Magic)
Viivi James

IMG_3480 (3).jpg

 I created this simple yet effective Dark Hole Removal soak. You’ll want to place this on your eyes while going to bed. But, if you find that your resting place is next to someone malevolent who cries at the slightest prick, you’ll want to avoid them (unless you can handle troublesome nags and growls).
As usual, please understand that is not for fun or games (maybe). This is used as Karma and not as Black Magic. Our intention here is not to curse some random passerby for having a nicer bosom than yours. Our intention is not to Hex a poor lad for looking at you sideways. Our intention, also, is not to Curse a random sal for growing on your lawn.
Use the above spell in cases where, as it states, someone has stolen from you or what you deem is your version of Karmic Cycles. The above soak is for your own use, on yourself, to wash you of residual gunk or coming across Psychic Vampires.


  1. Mix the Activated Charcoal & Salt in a bowl big enough to fit your piece of Black cloth.
  2. Soak your cloth in the powdered mix.
  3. Bless the bowl by holding it in front of you & imagining everything you want to expel.
  4. Take the cloth out of the bowl and discard of the powder. You don’t want to leave bitter energy in the air for anyone else to touch. 
  5. Place the cloth on your face or eyes as you rest.


This Addams Family, above. The Original series not the 90s remake.


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