1. Blue · May 6, 2017

    Someone is messing with you this isn’t a wordpress issue. If your internet is the problem, all your searches won’t work mb bas ihnee. If you connect to blog and click on something else and an issue appears thats one thing but I refreshed this blog 37 times before this page appeared.


    • AngelRemedy · May 6, 2017

      I strongly agree. When I write or “type” a new post, it saves and then stops and starts again when it wants too. I checked a few other Word Blogs and all seem to work, except for blogs that have to do with spells. Whether this is a Word conspiracy or malicious is up to judgement. My tarot cards know the truth.

      Thank you for letting me know <3.



  2. EyeSeaShadows · May 6, 2017

    Is that you? Oh MY GOD you are something out of this


  3. 🌸🎀🌸🎀💗 · May 6, 2017

    You are too good to be tɾմҽ do you have dark secrets you are hiding


  4. Maha Hassoun · May 6, 2017

    Your beauty is elegant 🛎 I copy ur post from blingee


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