A Fun Request: Happiness Spell

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I was stumbling across the internet, left and right, looking for the right happiness spell. 

What I found was nothing. I am shocked at people’s value for lessons and grief and none for laughter. Not to sound childish, if you ask me, but a Witch’s first rule is fun, no rules. Think Athiests who protest for Peta and think animals come from nothing and will go to nothing, ashes to ashes. Soil and no greater purpose to soil. Greater is a word I love using, because it shows and represents how we don’t do all the work, God does. Of course, mind you, as a Witch we know there are no rules AND we hold all the Power, but the Dieties and Gods are there for our Assistance. Our pleasure. Our senses. Every Good religion preaches about Earths treasures, including animals, to Witches they are called Familiars, or even helpers. Before I move on to my post, I hope my love for commas and interjections doesn’t kill you. 🌼

Happiness Spell

This spell will not make you feel Happy in a sense where you will forget all your troubles, rummage through the sand and find refuge. It will make you Giggle, profusely. Insanely, even, maybe. That is what I seek for. A Thrill. The thrill of the moment so we can all share a good laugh together. 

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding subsitutions. 


• Lavender

• Camomile

• Neroli

• Your Voice

• A Song You Deem Fun {As always, spells through intent}

*Other than the above having aromatherapy benefits, to calm and sooth, they are excellent for Sleep Spells and calming you down*


1. Perform this at your Altar for adequate harnessing tools. 

2. Bring you ingredients in front of you, and begin by placing your Herbs in a Mortar. Grind them to desired results.

3. Play the song as you clear your mind. Find the place within you that sparks fire and makes magic, feel it bubbling from your toes and shooting up all the way to your brain. If you get a head rush, this means it is working. 

4. Place your hands above the herbs and repeat the following THREE times: 

If Happiness Is What I Seek, Bring Forth a Laughter That Will Last For Weeks… As Night Turns To Day And I Close My Eyes To Shimmering Rays, Myriad of Fae Will Surround Me Throughout These Days

Be prepared to giggle profusely. I say profuse because it is the only word I could find to describe the above spell’s result. If you do not have a Mortar, a Cannabis grinder would do. I am so terribly sorry in advance if you won’t be able to continue tasks, due to an overabundance of laughter.

Have Fun and Blessed Be


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