Things I See & What To Do About It


Not all Witches are created equally, and I mean that in the sweetest way possible. What I am trying to say is, everyone has their own varied set of gifts depending on what they can handle as a person. For Example: if you are someone who could possibly get startled by spirits or find them a nuisance, but have no problem assuming the role of care taker, why push mediumship on yourself?

You are blessed with the ability to feel deeply, and between you and I, an empath is an extremely coveted magical being. You can sense people’s true intentions, good or bad. Not just sense, but assume the role of that person and delve into their emotions, someone who can handle being a Medium or Spirit Assistance can handle seeing Beyond with no fear, but can find it burdensome to feel everyone’s emotions – even if on some level you find it tedious, it is not for you.

Whenever my friends and I say this to strangers, we also know, on a deep level, they feel disappointment. I promise you if it were to become a reality it will be anything but fun, life is not all about troubles and ‘lessons’ – something I will always vouch for.

You grow from pain but you also grow from fun, too, otherwise; laughter would be a chore or a side job and not something to aspire to. It is like saying happiness is not one of the main factors of life. Falling in love is miniscule. Having children and getting happy from them, is miniscule. Finding a job or passion you love is once again, miniscule. Do these subjects not bring one happiness?

Life is more than meeting people or encountering situations because they shape us. Otherwise, there would be no celebrations in life. No weddings to visit. No congratulatory diplomas or well wishes. Dare I say it, no consensual unions either.

Does it mean you should give up on lessons and guides and say, “to Hell with it”, let us just frolick and ignore society? If you want to.

What I am trying to convey here and tie it to being a Witch is, something that burdens you will not bring you joy, just lessons. Consecutive lessons. When I mean burden, what I am trying to really say is; not normal human emotions like feelings that being a Witch is hard and needs of the norm are hard to accomplish (being a mother, lover and going out).

The burden I hope you will not try to push for, is one that takes you out of your tastes  and one you will not see through.

Be unapologetically you.

If foresight is what you seek and find duality and peace in; seek it. If you long to be a Medium; Why not have friends who are? Even join a Coven. Life is about sharing too, is it not?

Now, on to the second segment of this post…

As a Witch, it is normal to have to deal with malevolant beings. Psychics or Mediums who are not Witches, will find it the norm to stumble upon at least one or two. Between you and I (part two) I don’t really like saying malevolent. I feel like I sound like a New Age clichè, which is not very accepting of me either. Every entity has its place in the Grand Design, including those we deem malevolent. Do I encounter them, here or there? Sure. Is it within my life purpose as a Witch? Ever since I was a born. What I would like to make a part of this second segment, is a little myth-breaking segment, if you will.

The Reality of Encountering ‘Darker’ Spirits:

– They will scare you only if it is within your path. Are you a spiritual worker of sorts?

– If you have crystals or warding talismans in your room (such as sage and other herbs) interdimensional interference of any kind, that is negative, is impossible. Posessions work differently and is something I cannot and will not speak about.

– Prayers do work if your intention is in the right place. This goes to all religions. I have had countless nightmares where I tried reciting verses form the Quran, it worked. Perfectly.

– Be wary of where you leave objects containg your spit, or fluids of any kind. Take this as bonus from me to you.

– Do not underestimate anyone, but do not be overtly paranoid, too. Use your talents and intuitive capabilites above all. Be it sight, smell, touch or feelings.

I hope this was enough to go on. If you feel embarrassed talking to me, or anyone as a matter of fact, consult with God. You’ll be surprised what Spirit Guides and God can do for you.

Good Luck, Have fun and Above All,

Blessed Be


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