Full Moon in Scorpio { May 10.2017 }

happy birthday scorpio fae

I felt it appropriate to choose this picture, as this is the embodiment of a Scorpio Woman. With the Moon’s Feminity shining her light upon us, we will get the ressuructing and seductive sting of Scorpio. So decadently raw and mysterious on the outside, so very emotional, sensitive and seductive on the inside. We get the benefits of a watery moon, emotional, with the added bonus of a Scorpio Siren.Β 

Today marks the coming a of a Full Moon in Scorpio (please check with your standard country time). I decided to put together a spell (excuse the Purple clutter, I was inspired by Scorpio).Β 

This works perfectly in conjunction with the Full Moon, tonight. Let Luna open you up to New and Scorpio bring out your deep, seductive, wateriness.

Seduction Spell For New Moon πŸ‰


🐲 Dragon Claw Herb {A Good Substiute Would Be Cinnamon}

🐲 4 Purple Candles {Purple Is A Color That Represents Seduction}

🐲 Crown Chakra Crystals Such As: {Amethyst, Angel Flourite and Purple Mohave, Below}


The added bonus of purple here is working our Crown Chakra in conjunction, as well. Our Crown Chakra is responsible for how we view the world and ourselves and connecting with The Divine.Β 

Dragon’s Claw Herb is sometimes knows as; Vervain, and it contains night time awakening properties. Lustfulness.Β 

πŸ•Έ Directions πŸ•Έ

πŸŒ— Find your Dragon’s Claw at your local Herbal Shop. They are in surplus in Bahrain. If that cannot be done find the other.

πŸŒ— Bring the ingredients outside, on today’s Full Moon, if that is not possible this can work on any full moon. Bring along scorpio symbols to get the added bonus of Scorpioness.

πŸŒ— Form a Triple Goddess πŸŒ›πŸŒ‘πŸŒœ with your crystals and place Two candles in each half Moon.Β 

πŸŒ— Β Scatter your herbs in the centre (The Circle to the Triple Goddess) and repeat the following SEVEN times (although the ingredients are easy to find, this is a seduction spell and will alter people’s senses towards yours. Repetition insures just that):

Scorpio Seduction of The Moon

You Renew and Bring what Is NEW

If On This Moon, I Deserve Your Trust

A Lustful Fellow I Intrust

* this will not only act on sexual desires, as repressive as people are, especially to our Female counterparts. this will act according to your desires and will. seduction is not only Sex, it is also tempting elusive *


Good Luck and Blessed Be




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