Love Spell Inspired By The Moon


Based on my Website’s stats, I see love Spells are easily the most requested bunch of spells on the internet. In a wave of Love and Lust spells becoming the most popular among fellow peers, I thought, Why not Another Love Spell?

The Moon is Feminine, and I can’t seem to understand everyone’s disbelief at that. The Sun embodies all things Male. Not to forget Male and Female are within us all, as I have stated several times on this blog. Masculine is The Sun, Power, Sun Energy, WillPower and War. Feminine is Water, The Moon, Running Yourself A Warm Bath, Crystals and Fun. 

I am going to make Women the central focus on this blog and will continue to do so to my dying breath. Sounds a little dramatic, right? Not so much. You’d think with the burst of Feministic and Feminism trends, over all surface of the every-day-media, Women would appreciate the forthcoming insights of the New Male. Unfortunately, a lot of Men, from what I have seen (I have seen a lot), still have a New World Mentality, Captain Hooks included. 

I would have love to think, with the way America’s approach on Middle Eastern women shows how advanced they are, no hair-covering and all (Nuns excluded); There would be some semblance of normalcy on the emotional behaviours of Women. Nonetheless, and pretty needles to say, if this comes across as intrusive or offensive, I have many moods,.

I can be a fun-filled faerie fest of laughter (which is my automatic go-to mood), but I also don’t mind being The Demon. Demon half, Angel half included. I hope you still love me for this.

I included a lovely spell, below, that shows a lot of appreciation for women and what they deserve. 

If you combine this with Poppy, it will work swimmingly.


Feel free to do whatever you wish with this, print and copy. No link backs, as this does not belong to me and I am pretty sure the author of this piece would not mind.

Feel free to be free.



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