Full Moon

I was hesitant as to whether, I should be discussing what I see and how to act accordingly. The reason being; not all people see alike things. I do not want you to be, past me, waiting to see someone else’s musings and expecting so much or either so little of yourself.

Being a Witch is not exactly mainstream. It is something people would categorise as early/offset Schizophrenia (pains me to say, I have been there. Sitting in a room with therapists having to explain to them I can communicate with Gods or mysterious forces of The Night, watching them shake their heads in disbelief at how “Such a smart young Woman, can believe in such fairytales”). People would also put you in the box of what most people refer to as the “Peter Pan Syndrome”, a term beloved by psychology buffs and to me, those who have no imagination.

As a Witch, we know, imagination is the key to life. With no imagination there would be no inventions, after all; if someone in the late 1700s spoke about flying objects or saucers they would be deemed insane and mentally unfit to conduct daily activities. 


I must say, I struggled as to whether I should be sharing my personal thoughts on this platform. From what I have seen, it is not very typical of other Witch Blogs.

I must say, once again, it is not very forthcoming of me to ever have to plan anything. I like to watch my spells manifest in reality and see how I can grow as a person.


Today, as I was conducting my Full Moon ritual, I noticed leaves rustling in the winds after conducting my spell. They levelled up from small rustling sounds to me actually witnessing trees grow and flowers bloom beyond my touch. Will every Witch practice the same ritual to exact detail and witness the exact accounts? Not necessarily.  But that does not mean they will not experience something profound, according to their individual gifts. I know Witches, who can guess the day’s events to exact detail and have them manifest accordingly. I know Witches, who can see Spirits in and out of ordinary reality. They tell him their names, stories and what The Heavens speak of.

When I was just a little child, I would come home from school extremely tired, not knowing why my Migraines included larger orbs than others. People would say, “Migraines aren’t for Four Year Olds”, but also, “When you see lights accustomed with a Migraine, it is the symptoms of a Migraine”. I was wondering, why I would get Migraines. I was too young to have been effected by Sodas, as I only had them on the weekends. I was too young to drink coffee, a beverage I never sipped in my life. I was also too young to experience them, period. What was diagnosed to me as a child was consecutively false, including ADHD, for being overtly accurate and very active. Just because a child doesn’t like to sit down, it doesn’t mean they suffer from a mental illness. 

There was never a regard for emotions. Psychological issues that were actually causing grief. Symptoms I knew in my heart, not to be science, as my predictions were accurate and would always manifest into reality.

I knew I had to make a change. I knew being angry at the world, all the time, wasn’t the answer. The answer was not fighting the information, but speaking my truth.

Years after watching several movies and documentaries. I understand movies are based in fiction, but not a Witch…


Years after watching several movies and documentaries about the human body, I had no other choice but to turn to Natural Medicine. The choice that was not making me nauseous and sick. The choice that was making me understand my body and it’s functions not just from a Human perspective, but from a Divine one too. 

I realized how the body functioned on a much larger level. Not just to eat, use The Bathroom and reach a ripe age of 60, only to be told that is how the Human body functions.

I wanted to find another way. I needed to find another way.

Years of dabbling in Natural Medicine, Psychoactive Drugs and Meditation, I knew I was ready for more. I was told to. The only thing I had to do was unburden my views of science. Remix my lens from the distorted views of those who wish to hold others hostage and against their will.

Then, came today.. The ‘Aha’ moment. The moment in which the Moon’s lens mixed with Scorpio’s destruction, shed a light on my final answer. The answer I needed to fit the pieces of my foggy puzzles together. Before embarking on my Full Moon ritual, I followed a Memory Spell previous to me leaving my home.

That, in conjunction with now’s spell, is making me realise that I am too self aware of a person to believe I have gone mad. I am so at a disbleief at what I am witnessing, that the answer is something entirely different, all together. Something I have never read about or witnessed in any of my many documentaries, on my hidden documentary shelf. Something I know in my heart to be only one…

A Witch. 

Blessed Be


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