AirMid: Celtic Goddess of The Healing Arts

The Lost Should who Found Her Home

I could not leave this to be a fun fest of laughter only, my other side was begging to make an appearance. The Yin to my Yang. 

I strongly tie to Celtic Witches, not culturally, but I feel a longing there. A longing that craves to be filled. 

As I was stumbling across several blogs and Witch sites, I saw many Goddesses. Some of who were tied to me knowing, some I felt I knew. Even understand, maybe? I remember looking at her with disbelief. Why do I feel like I know you’re sad. I know you were chased, almost burned for your so called crimes against religion. I feel like I knew you were scarred from family, always finding out people are throwing arrows your way (in the metaphorical sense). Always finding out what you believe in is some witchy fiasco after the next. Why?

Many Ayahuasca sessions later and me stumbling across various platforms again, I remembered. I couldn’t help but feel a thunder of green strike me from the inside. A feeling of calm. A feeling of knowing I had a purpose, have a purpose

A purpose that will cause discomfort in the hearts of many and will be ridiculed and uncredited for its magicalness.

Nonetheless, I decided many Nights ago, somewhere before my travels, that I would try a Past Life Recall spell. One that would awaken what is asleep within. Feel free to use substitutes for this spell from your Apothecary and add any symbols you connect too. 


Good Luck and Blessed Be




  1. ميم الدوسري · May 11, 2017

    And now you’re the Goddess of Healing and Beauty


  2. Marshmello · May 11, 2017

    I remember when I saw u years ago in CC and now just when u arrived from Maldives I saw u too 🌺 You’re growing with beauty like fine wine


    • AngelRemedy · May 11, 2017

      I think I saw you too. Did you wear a blue hat that day? I could’ve sworn you were going to talk to me. Say Hi next time ❤


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