Faeries: Guardians of Nature And Imagination

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The Fay are fun and troublesome creatures. Not in the devious sense, in a sense we all share laughters and punch each other in the gut. They love stealing food and having fun parties, where they can all share a laugh, dulcet feasts, and high treats.

The Fay, more popular among them are the Faeries, are not very popular among fellow Witches. They do however have a strong connection with Earth Healers, and children, as they have not lost the sweet tendrils of imagination. 

They come in all shapes and sizes, but are popularly noted for being so small and sometimes… invisible.

They are winged creatures of Day & Night. Their wings are usually wispy and glittery, filled with rays of sparkle. People usually depict them as pastels, but there are darker Fay too. Like everything in the World, not necessarily in every realm, there is duality. Good and Evil, if you will. Darker Fay are usually not that different from your regular Demonic Gremlin. They like making objects shatter and love annoying one another. They enjoy hanging around large objects and love making them fall, to the dismay of workers and ongoing civilians. 

Nonetheless, they are not in surplus and are rarely seen. The Good Fay however, are always there if you look closely enough. They are defenceless and don’t know how to accept negative energies, so seeing them may not be possible for those who are not Witches. They adore Witches and anyone with a pure intent. They love candy and sweets and will visit if you have a garden and plants to water. Just believe.


I believe thee


will come to thee

shower them

forth in Lights of ℑ


Faeries are not from the Astral Plane. They come from another realm. The Astral Plane, to a Witch, is one of the many spirit realms, not to mistake this with Angelic Realms.

You won’t want to leave and for forever you’ll stay, where the vision is bright as spring. 


I needed for this to be filled with imagination and wonder. Intention strengthens spells. Faeries will surely flock to those with childlike imagination.

To strengthen spell you can use the following:

  • Three Bowls of Figs {Small ones of course}
  • Three Light Pink Candles 
  • A Garden
  • Malachite {2 Feel More}
  • Lapis Lazuli {2 Hear Clearly}

I hope you are able to spot one. Please do, let me know, if anything marvellous or out of the ordinary appears.

Good Luck and Blessed Be



Click on the picture below to

* Generate your Fairy Name

* Create a Fairy Garden

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* Vote on the Fairy Poll
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I believe in Fairies!
Do you?

“ACR Fairies” web-page © Mary Jac/

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  1. Anthony Du Pont · May 11, 2017

    You make me….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marshmello · May 11, 2017

    I trie this and saw my plants look more 3D and could hear 🍄🌸🌼🌻


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