Seeing Nature


I was browsing the Youtube sphere and remnants of my teenagehood came crashing back. You know those shows where supposed troubled Mothers speak about their children, as if they were scoundrels, calling them the worst people in history. When honestly, all they were really doing, was going out and having fun while maintaining being a sound person with a good heart. 

This reminds me of being in Peru, so immersed by my shamanic experience I couldn’t believe the world was that simple. How society put justifications and tables to categorise and manifest everything according to opposites.

I decided to take a gander at what I watched, once more. The show starts with a Mother complaining about her teenage daughter, telling the camera crew that she is a, as she puts it, a “nightmare”. The nightmare she was referring to was the fact that her daughter likes to drink and attend parties. I would understand, if the concern was that she is under the drinking age. But, this was just laughable. The daughter then decided to make an appearance by saying that “I was put on this Earth to party”.

Mind you, by now, I was already shaking my head at the construct of this show. I decided to pick up on the situation. The Mother, who was the victim on the reality show, had the worst energy. Hatred raged from her. The daughter on the other hand, I could tell right away; was a Witch. A Witch just knows when someone else is too. It is a mark.

How this ties to my shamanic experience and Seeing Nature? When you unshackle yourself from the uniform of society, you feel two things: anger and reassurance. Anger because you can’t understand how people like fitting in, and reassurance because you finally know the “bigger picture”. 


I have a new found respect for Nature. I can’t believe plants can actually talk to you. Show you how they can heal you. 

I decided to share what I have learned with all of you and create an all-purpose Nature intensifier spell.

Find Your Spirit Flower

This spell will help you find the first plant you can communicate with, whatever that will be for you, I do not know. Enjoy…


  1. If you do not own a garden, even a few flowers, house plants or a local park will do.
  2. This can work at any hour of the day, so that is not a problem.
  3. Sit in a lotus position by the flowers, and close your eyes for a short meditation. Listen to the wind. Smell the flowers with your eyes closed. Hear nature. Stay here for a good 10 minutes.
  4. Open your eyes and walk around the plants. This builds a connection. See if you are an Earth Healer or Medicine Witch.
  5. Touch them and notice what this means to you. If this reminds you of a past life or the scents remind you of herbal balms. Nature is the only ingredient here.
  6. As you are walking around them and can feel their energy, repeat the following THREE times:

“Reveal To Me The Secrets of The Ubobo. Flowers Speak In Languages Untold. Centre Me To Accept The Fold”


  • Nature
  • You
Imagination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein 

Blessed Be

triquetra green.gif



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