Full Moon in Gemini {May 25. 2017}

Gemini Woman

To me, Full and New Moon are one in the same as they both represent a complete Moon. This stems from the oldest, Wicca or as you would love to call it, Witchcraft. The Oldest known to mankind, not according to scholars as that is not how original Witches operate, as opposed to using our God & Goddess given gifts. As I have stated in the blog it is pretty useless to have any Psychic abilities if you do not rely on them. Were Witches not burned and ridiculed for millions of years? Yes, millions. If you are to live based on the assumption that Christopher Columbus discovered America and the world’s government loves you to the Moon and back, leaving everything to the surface and nothing hidden; then be my guest, and operate under their guise. Use their websites and float according to their ideologies and scientific discoveries that we are not apart of.

Back to this post.. It is time for the Twin Flames to take charge bestowed on this New and Full Moon.


As the picture above shows, two women, one facing towards people proud and confident. The other, shy, more poised in manner.

Gemini is the sign of duality. The sign of intelligence. The sign of two faces, not to be taken with the negative two-faces, this leaves room for merging. Joining sides seemingly opposite together.

This Gemini Full Moon allows you to be in touch with your book-smarts. The side that analyses poetry and evaluates all the Ancient texts and scripts and proudly displays them on a mantle.

The side of you, you don’t proudly show to the world and need emotional work on. Take this Moon as a time for self-reflection on a more deeper level, not just manifesting physical but manifesting mental as well. Read a good book. Find your Soul Mate within yourself.

Good Luck and Blessed Be



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