The Magic of Yoga


Picture this: It’s 8 o’clock in the morning, your Dogs can’t stop barking and you’re pretty sure you’re still full from the late dinner you had last night. Hot Yoga is calling and as a rigorous worker, you know you should probably reach for the smoothie instead of that granola bowl.

This is how my Hot Yoga mornings look like before leaving home, to visit my instructor’s location. I took up Yoga only a year ago and I feel like going back in time and throwing my barbells out a window. I feel like discarding all my fitness magazines that treat the body like a robotic playground, because that one extra repetition is going to make aaaall the difference. That one extra bite of chocolate-y goodness is going to swim straight to your hips (But I love my hips. No? Shredded is the only gym option here? Fine).

You can’t be both mindful and a calorie junkie. It just does not work that way. As a Witch, especially, and Oh My Lord will I emphasise on this one: we know there is no such thing as calories. Our bodies see energy, absorb energy, and is energy. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not within the same life-path as yours, honour that, but don’t follow it. If as a Witch you know the laws of physics do not apply whatsoever to what you have accomplished, whether effectively alone or as a Coven, then the laws of Proteins, Carbs and Fats do not apply either. As humans, let’s face it, we just can’t live without categorising and graph-charting everything. But, if you are going to operate under the umbrella of mindfulness and chakras, you need to not only accept, but understand energies as well. If you believe your Heart Chakra closes off upon taking up a task that constricts it, then you can’t push an agenda on yourself because the Global Population deems it normal.
Yoga Header

Yoga is a mix of mindfulness and whatever your body allows. There are a variety of different Yoga techniques, variations and poses. The key here is finding what brings you inner peace and gives your energy the desired output.

I would say I love all, but since I am doing a lot of spells lately my energy is pulsing at a fast rate. I can’t go into child’s pose without feeling like there’s an inner tornado ripping me to the ground.

I am surprised that in Yoga, a practice I now love and will forever continue, people still neglect energy. It is not just about flexibility, sometimes, a person can be extremely powerful but can’t go into headstand because of how grounded they are.

If you are someone who, like me, feels a lot of energy pushing you from above do not push balancing poses at first. Take it slow and if a Yoga instructor is going too fast, stay in each pose for a minute or so. Don’t compromise the stillness and mindfulness of yoga to mimic an instructors look. Feel.

With this long and semi-exciting post I managed to type up, because my spell is pouring out from every which way, I decided to include a Heart Opening Spell for Yoga and a nice Vinyasa Flow video I found. If Vinyasa is not your style, try Power Yoga for something fast-paced and Yin Yoga or Hatha Yoga for calmer breaths and longer stills.

Yoga Header

Heart Opening Spell

This spell will make you more emotional on a profound level. This works in conjunction with the stretching and heart benefits of Yoga. I am sorry in advance if you feel like everyone deserves a second chance in life and feel too sentimental, after this. Sometimes it’s good to just feel. We push ourselves in every aspect of life, why not push good emotions? 

I added Lemon Grass as a bonus for its Anahata benefits. Steaming this after something rigorous will make you feel like you are in a sanctuary. 


  • Lemon Grass Herb ٠Cymbopogon٠ {Two or Three Sprigs will do.}
  • Water 
  • TeaPot
  • Monkey Orchid ٠Orchis Simia٠ {I have come to really appreciate how funny and cute orchids are. They can take the shape of many animals and help you connect with your inner transformative figure.}
If you cannot find Monkey Orchids then any Orchid will do. Find one you feel can make you happy.


  1. Steep your Lemon Grass in water by either warming your water or bringing it to a boil.
  2. After 5 minutes or so, strain your water into a TeaPot.
  3. As your water is gradually cooling, place the Monkey Orchid in the TeaPot.
  4. Before pouring it in a cup to drink, repeat the following, once:

Seven Chakras

Open and Bright

Heal The Light

Within My Green Strife

Open The Way

For Pure White Light

Omit talking for a few minutes while drinking the tea. Let your emotions settle first.
The Vinyasa Video below. Click on the picture BELOW to watch. Find your centre and don’t try to just look like a Yogi, feel like one, too. cbbb807919bf875ef928764875ad9c07.png


Have Fun and Blessed Be




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      I’ll get on it now. The views seem to be stuck on the same number too.


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