Introduction To Star Signs: Sun Signs


Star Signs have been around for a Millenia. A symbol of shipwrecks and navigating the Sea. They may not always have been documented as the usual Leo, Scorpio or Taurus, but the Stars and Moon have always been symbols of a starry voyager.

It all started when we, as humans, needed to find a way to make sense of personalities. There was a category for all sorts of things including sicknesses and such phenomenas, but not emotions, why people do what they do and how they operate.

They came to realise that people were feeble and friendly. Insanely giving and outrageously deceiving. Within those groups of people, those interested in the occult noticed like traits, a similar grouping if you will. Those who ,although,  had different paths and substance, showed similar grit and difficulties.

Alas, Star Signs were born. They were made up of different animal symbols that showed each person’s positives and negatives. 

They then saw that one symbol was not enough. People’s sensitivities were heightened by the Moon and their strengths rose with The Sun. They also noted how planetary alignments affected each individual, specifically on the day One was Born. Then… came the Birth Chart.


The first among them, was The Sun Sign.

This depended on One’s date of birth and time One was born. 

The Sun sign also depended on what sign The Sun was on, in the moments, or moment, leading up to Birth.

This depended on, according to the agreed upon alignments of the Signs, where The location of The Sun was in space.


Sun Signs: From First To Last {And Why}

Unknown.jpegAries: This is the first of the Signs, and is often referred to as the baby of the zodiac, when negative. In traditional Signs, the first signs are usually the least calm, leading up to the last one, the calmest of them all. This can manifest positively and negatively according to each person. 

Aries is the warrior of the Signs. The one who risks his emotions and leaps through fire to prove his worth. He is aggressive, yet docile when awarded accordingly or fairly. They are protective and fiercely loyal. They would take a bow at the slightest praise, but will easily become the Hercules of the Signs, showing signs of defeating Titans and washing away Oceans to save The One.

Unknown-1.jpegTaurus: Oh, you stubborn, stubborn, Bull. This can manifest positively and negatively according to each person. Your stubbornness does come in handy, though. You know what you want and nothing, no one, not a cyclone, can change your moral compass. You’re a fighter and a Mother at the same time. How that works? Only you know.

Taureans love showering people with affectionate items of luxury and will be the first to remember your birthday. They just know what you need, materially. Taureans, come hell or high storm, will defend you to death – faults included. 

Unknown.jpegGemini: The Twin Flames of the Signs. If you want duality, a Gemini is where it is at. They are both, a combination of Book Smart and Street Smart. If you need someone to give you a brief summary of each topic, you’ll need a Gemini on your side. Geminis are natural born philosophers. Think, Plato and Archimedes. 

This can manifest positively and negatively according to each person. Emotionally, this duality is what you need if you crave more than one. They are an enigma of duality: Dark and Light. Shallow Waters and Deep Waters. 

Unknown.pngCancer: Where do I begin? You put Shakespeare to shame. You’re the person to call when you need your mood-eth to be fulfil-eth. When Shakespeare said: “We know what we are, but know not what we may be”, he was speaking in Canscerian tongue.

Canscerians have an innate sensitivity tied to the world. This can manifest positively and negatively according to each person. Aphrodite’s love for helping people stemmed from the very depth of a Cancer’s love. The Maiden in the Triple Goddess got her flare from the very touch of a Cancer’s breath. Be still, my beating heart.

Unknown.jpegLeo: Suave is the first word to come to mind with Leos. The Zeus Almighty of the zodiac. Defender of truth and justice and protecter of familial values. The Pride of this Lion can be heard a million miles away. This can manifest positively and negatively according to each person.

A Leo will go down scratching defending you and will leave their mark. If you were lounging poolside with a Mojito, and a random blinding flare catches your eyes, it could be the Rolex on a Leo’s wrist. A Leo will spoil you, only if you are on their good side. 

Unknown.pngVirgo: The Tutankhamun of the zodiac. Egypt’s pyramids were built on the very premise of a Virgo’s mind. Precision, precision, precision. You, Virgo, know only the depths of your own mind.

A Virgo is often misunderstood for being critical and feeble-minded, when in fact, they are the total opposite. They notice everything, even the slightest nudge in an Air’s movement. You can find them parasailing on luxury yachts, or calculating the dilemma they love most: themselves. A Virgo will plant evidence for you and will summon an army at your behest.

Unknown.jpegLibra: The Balancing Scale of the zodiac. Not a single grain of rice can go missing in your household. You find the Earth boring without Good and Evil. You know most, that duality is necessary in all things in life. 

The Judge and Jury, people flock to you for your justness. Themis the Greek Goddess was a Libra and was described as “the Lady of good counsel”, and is the personification of divine order, fairness, and custom. Quick on their feet, but light in demeanour – that is what a Libra is known for. 

Unknown.pngScorpio: Sailors, be sure to voyage safely, for when you hear a siren’s call you’ll know it is your doom. The Sirens of the zodiac, you know the power you hold, don’t be shy. It is said, that you will always know a Scorpio from the stare in their eyes. 

Don’t be startled by this Siren’s call, for he is a misunderstood fellow. No one but a Scorpio knows of the true horrors on Earth. They feel, with a passion. If someone a Scorpio holds dear is in danger, they are quick to sting and even quicker to leave their mark. If you want danger and passion, sweetness and sorrow, find a Scorpio – as they will only be lurking in their caves. 

Unknown.pngSagittarius: The life of the party. The Centaur of the zodiac. You can shoot for the stars, quite literally, and are not afraid to fall. You find pleasure through meeting new faces and exploring new lands. 

Sagitarreans feel the thrill of life. They are often said to be too optimistic, yet only they know, that is why they are also dubbed the lucky ones. If you find gift baskets at your party filled with exotic foods and memorabilia, a Sagittarius has surely left his mark. They will be fun and they will be sorrow. They are naturally tied to the glimmer in life and will frolic with the fay, but can easily understand your pain.

Unknown.pngCapricorn: The Pricus of the zodiac. You are the wise goat, who knows which roads lead to success. If one zodiac had a cheat sheet to life, it would be Miss Capricorn

The scene of a Capricorn looks as so: a cabin in the forest, surrounded by a lake for safety and vitality, filled with essentials to keep them warm through winter nights. You are The Grandmother and Grandfather of the Signs. Care is not just emotional for you, it is physical and hearth. You will get severed messing with their child. Keep your distance, please. 

Unknown.jpegAquarius: An Aquarius finds passion through loving. Loving all – especially for their flaws. They may be known for their compassion and humanity, but are the first to find a temple in the Himalayan mountains to retreat in, while things blow over. 

Emotions run deep here, but with a quick mind. They balance both emotion and intellect beautifully, never feeding one over the other. They are the John Smith to your Pocahontas and will be quick to go to war for you, and even quicker to create peace talks in your name. If you catch an Aquarius on your side, be sure to nurture your humanity, for Aquarians will surely match it or nurture it. 

Unknown.pngPisces: The Oracle of the zodiac. Their psychic gifts know, no limits. They may not be fighters at heart, but their mind is a necessity. For before embarking on battle, one must surely visit the town Oracle. 

In the beginning, I stated Aries is the baby of the zodiac, Pisces is the last and is usually given the title of The Father. Oceans have washed civilisations away, but a Pisces’ wisdom has forever stayed. They may not be quick to damage someone who they deem hurtful, but can and will know their weakness. Whether they use it, is entirely up to them. The Way of The JedI.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo. Water Signs: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Air Signs: Aquarius, Libra and Gemini. Fire Signs: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. 

Good Luck and Blessed Be





  1. 🌻flower child🌻 · May 19, 2017

    I can’t believe you did this all by yourself. I need me an empath.


  2. Sag Woman · May 19, 2017

    Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I’m a Saggittarius and this is ME TO A T!


  3. Capricorn · May 19, 2017

    I want to continue the trend of sun sign on names. Everyone in my family labels me as the old one because I care differently. Spot on.


  4. Scorpio Too 😈👿😈👿 · May 19, 2017

    Scorpio Sister you are Divine!!


  5. I Remember You · May 19, 2017

    After many sleepless nights I found you snap & found u again. I love u and have always. I didn’t commenr before. i was shy!


    • AngelRemedy · May 19, 2017

      Did you Snap me, yesterday? I remember you were following my old blog in 2012 (before it got anihilated 😱).


  6. Gemini Girl · May 19, 2017

    Finally, someone who doesn’t think Geminis are Satan’s spawn. Te Amo Bonita.


  7. Taurus rules 🐉 · May 19, 2017

    Since everyone is commenting I had too b3d. Stubborn Bull ☺️


  8. thescarlettemple · May 19, 2017

    You shame Cleopatra out of existence

    In Nomine Babalon


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