Protect Your Energy

Fire Magic

I have been asked on Snapchat to blog about how to protect your energy. Specifically in cases where you counteract negative circumstances, and leave feeling drained.

In this day and age, with social media, we cannot really seclude ourselves from human contact and avoid everyone all together. We have family, friends, teachers, acquaintances, coworkers and we cannot handpick who we can hang around with. Not only would that hinder our growth, fun and experience but that would put a damper on being a free-spirit. You know, always planning and having to double check and find arrows to point or dodge. 

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Believe me, that is not necessary. You don’t have to be on defence mode or in an ashram, there are plenty of ways to protect yourselves, but before I get on with a Protection Spell I would like to place a few steps and peace offerings from me, to you:

  1. If you are someone who goes through a lot of energy and you feel tired even after getting more than 7 hours of sleep, do not leave the house without adequate crystals. They do not need to be grounding. I like to just look at what catches my eyes, or am drawn too, and have it in my pocket to go.
  2. If you feel tired after doing something you normally should feel awake after, like rigorous yoga or livening meditation sessions, you are not having enough “me” time.
  3. If you seem to be getting (excuse the TMI) a heavy flow of your Moon (menstruation) consecutively, and you do not consume genetically modified food, be sure to notice the smell. If it smells a little funky (we’re all different, and that is okay) and does not smell like, candy, then you are releasing a lot of negativity – which is something we always do, hence, using the bathroom. This is not a negative person’s trait. 

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Protect Your Energy 


  1. Two Orange Candles
  2. Two Red Tea Bags
  3. Mortar
  4. Purple Grape Juice {Red Wine would be a good substitute}
  5. Lavender Oil {Lavender Oil on its own, is already calming, I used more than 15 drops for a bubble bath once & almost fainted}
  6. Empty Tea Bag


  • Light your orange candles on your altar. Since this will be used for protection, it is best if you can harness all the good energy you can.
  • In your Mortar, spill open the Red Tea bags, with your desired consistency of Grape or Wine juice. 
  • Pour Three drops of Lavender Oil into the consistency you fashioned. Do not make this too runny, as it will be placed in the empty tea bag and burned. You do not want burning juice, not good.
  • Grind your ingredients while thinking about your desired feelings.
  • Place them in the Empty Tea Bag. 
  • Hold it in your hands over the flame, without burning yet, and repeat the following FOUR times:
Burning Flame of Light and Rage
Wipe Away My Aura’s Strain
Protect Me While I Communicate
And Push Away A Hatred Fain
If I Find A Tainted Soul
Complete The Task But
Don’t Take My Toll

Final Step: Burn the ingredients on one of the candles and leave it there to burn. Be careful, this can happen quick, depending on the fabric of your tea bag.

I worked harder than usual on this rhyme. Don’t mind me, I like rhyming when I write spells. If anyone would like a Book of Shadows or Grimoire lookbook please do, let me know.

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Good Luck and Blessed Be




  1. Allison Mccall · May 22, 2017

    Where is THE beauty queen today? Pleaaaase ❤ New ❤ Post ❤ Now ❤


  2. CrystalMeth · May 22, 2017

    You are so beautiful it’s scary. Check my snaps 😦


  3. Igor · May 22, 2017

    After evaluating you, I decided on only one thing.. Youre a #robot


  4. Jassim · May 22, 2017

    Did you ever think of joining the UN? You have been a long journey since High School.


    • AngelRemedy · May 22, 2017

      They contacted me a couple of years ago to be a Global Guardian, one of them, and I politely declined. As you know, I have been a truth-seeker (conspiracy theorist) since Junior High. I have seen and heard way too much to join something I cannot trust. It does not mean I don’t help, I do, just.. through other sources 🙂


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