Fertility Spell

Vampire Girl

Before I get on with the Spell, which includes Eggs, I would like to give a brief explanation of my feelings at the present time.

Being a Vegan, I struggled with the premise of including Eggs or any animal parts (such as dairy) in my spells. It seemed very counterintuitive to who I was a person. I can’t be a Vegan who doesn’t eat eggs, yet used them. There would be no point to Veganism.

So, let me take this back to 2015 when I was in Peru, a vacation I embarked on to “find myself” through Ayahuasca…

Before my tiresome yet relieving journey, the Shaman wanted us to immerse ourselves in nature. We had a ritualistic cleansing bath with herbs she grew in her garden, a massage that aligned our energy points, and her way of a Psychic reading.

This was intended to cleanse us as much as possible before the journey. As you know, Ayahuasca is no joke, and it wasn’t. 

We threw up, were completely out of our bodies and that is normal for almost everyone embarking on this journey. Her intention, was to make it as easy as possible for us so we would not have to release so much.

The Egg part is approaching, I beg you to keep reading..

The Psychic reading bit was the one that shocked me. Keep in mind, she did not know anything about my personal life. I had not revealed anything to her except my name and where I came from, everything else was her experience meeting me. We were in her Reading Room, which looked like a hut in the middle of the jungle. Inside was nothing but mattresses, on a wooden floor, and a bucket in case we wanted to puke. She had eggs beside her, and I shook my head at the premise of this experience. How can someone who has such a close relationship with animals use them? Dramatic, maybe, but those were my thoughts, nonetheless.

I asked her about it. And you know what? I liked her response. She is a 90-year-old woman so I know maturity and age affected her answer, but I was still shocked at how emotionally and soulfully mature she was. She told me that she had a different perspective than the West on how Eggs were made, after journeying some hundred times, out of body for answers. She was the Shaman and I was the apprentice, and I loved that. I felt a sense of pride knowing I could accept that. Accept I love learning, even if I can give ownership to someone else.

She told me that Eggs, are not naturally made through a chicken getting pregnant for nine months, then giving birth to a yellow blob that then turns into a live chicken. We were not killing the growth process. I must say, I always questioned how the yellow of the egg metamorphosizes into a living, breathing chicken.

From her experience, working with chickens her whole life, being in the jungle enclosed by nothing but greenery and shadows, she witnessed each chicken giving “birth” differently. She noted how it was different, and I believed it. My heart accepted it.

Now, for the spell portion. Thank you for being a nice listener.

Egg Spell for Fertility


  • One Egg
  • Seven Vanilla Beans (vanilla essential oil will do)
  • Soil
  • Full Moon (The Moon is all things feminine. and the moon at its fullest symbolises fertility)


  • Using an ORANGE marker (for your sacral chakra) write the word FERTILE on your Egg.
  • Bury your Egg along with the Vanilla Beans (if you are working with essential oils, drop a few on your egg) and place it in soil. If you do not have a place where there is soil outside, a flower pot will suffice.
  • Water the area you placed this in on this Full Moon night, and continue doing so every night until you get pregnant.

Divine Artist

Blessed Be



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