1. Epiphany Everlasting Loves · May 25


    * I think your blog time is a little late


    • AngelRemedy · May 25

      Yes, it is. I’ll fix that so there’s no mess ups with cards especially.


  2. Aysha L · May 25

    I had a dream yesterday about butterflies and didn’t really remember. But while I was having breakfast with my mother I noticed a small butterfly label on the cereal bag,,,, ok. After that on my way back from work the song by Crazy Town – Butterflies came on!!! Magic is in the air,,,, is the butterfly my spirit animal or something?


    • AngelRemedy · May 25

      Signs are always there even if you don’t notice them you will be nudged. If my mind is any good.. it is :D!! Spirit Animals can come and go. It may be the Butterfly this week, next week a wolf. Pay attention to dreams and how they tie to reality. You may be going through a metamorphosis right now or have the lightness of being playful. That is what the Butterfly represents . Have a good one x


  3. AyaAlS**** · May 25

    I was going to ask you on snapchat but my phone charge finished 😐 please do a reading for me. Only 3 cards.


    • AngelRemedy · May 25

      Snapchat sometimes doesn’t show everyone and leaves some pending, Email me! xoxo


  4. Ahmed RwaishD · May 25

    U have such goooood taste


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