Life in Plastic


I just came from Snapchat where I was discussing with a few girls and women the power of the mind.

Not that you should not care about your looks, bare with me while I make this point, but that is where I differ from other support groups and women.

I have been there, I don’t want others to. That is the difference.

We live in a world of duality. We live in a world of Dark and Light. We live in a world of Angel & Heaven, Darkness & Abyss – it would be a gross misrepresentation to tell someone to immerse themselves in one forever. We ar e not dead, we should not pretend to be. We live in the physical world, or material as some would like to call it, it is unfair to deny someone their right to live – to be a good person with Beauty.

The difference is; advocate for Universal Beauty. See beauty in all cultures, no matter how shape or form, all skin types – all the beautiful adversity in this world. I know I do. I would hate for everyone to look the same, I love staring at people and appreciating their beauty. Don’t tell someone to throw out their clothes and stick to Boho Chic, because it looks more spiritual, & any girl who likes otherwise is not commanding spiritually, not enough to be respected among fellow Reikis’ & flowerchilds. 

Look, I know what you’re thinking: what you’re saying is unfair, how dare you make fun of someone else’s style, then?

See, the thing is, I know what people think. It is not just being an Empath, I can hear people’s thoughts. I know their kinks, I know their sexual perversions and I know how they look at people, and why. The difference is; I don’t feel a need to say anything because I understand Karma – I have seen it and I know her all too well, she has helped me more than I care to admit.

I like being real. Sorry for the bluntness, if this makes you uncomfortable feel free to skip.

The difference is, once more, there is no need to air out someone’s dirty laundry unless that person is harming you in the moment. You cannot assume the role of The Gods, it is painful and I have been there, I learn, that is fine.

 We, the sensitives have to dodge those who don’t like our incessant probing and truth, which results in deeming us sensitive and misunderstaning the situation.

Before I mess up my train of thought, let’s take this back to an hour ago.

This guy sent me a message saying “Come on, your hair looks so much better straight.” and then ended the conversation with “What’s wrong with you? I just like your hair straight?”. Is this what Hannah Baker had to go through? What all girls did? Do we have to resort to measures unthinkable or change our appearance? Listen, you can tell an Empath you didn’t mean what you meant, but we know how you feel. Unless there was some other reason our hands were shaking because you were mad, about something like… what hairstyle to choose, please enlighten us. Just for the reference, he is not my husband, nor my boyfriend. He does not and should not have the right, to spur self-conscious thoughts.

Before this shitstorm of a fiasco happened, I clearly stated over and over and over and over and over, again, I, Thajba, owner of this scalp and hair, like my hair curly. I like thickness, I like volume, I love curls. So remind me why countless people who never speak to me or ever compliment me for that matter… Would all of a sudden, God willing, say: “Wow! Don’t you look better?!”

سبحان الله.. كنت ضفدع و صرت جميلة لأني سحبت شعري متر

This sparked me. The past sparked me. Everyone who says douche-like things, especially our male counterparts to Females. So, what’s the point here? “Look, I am just saying, naturally, you don’t look good. You should put in more effort”.

And people who are like that, reading this, because they will be…

Will call all of us sensitive and unecessary.

I don’t know where I started and how it ended like this, but my heart aches for the women who change themselves for men.

It goes as far as brushing your teeth and wearing earrings.

How about shaving, men? Did you ever think of that?



  1. Maria · May 26

    I’m confused. I wish I had your curly hair, mine is dead. Are people serious? I was always intending on asking you what you put in your hair to make it look like that.


    • AngelRemedy · May 26

      Thank you ❤ A lot of coconut oil and the patience of a thousand storms. I used to straighten my hair a lot and barely took a one day break, so my curls bounced back, Heaven sent.


  2. Jessica · May 26

    I’ll let you in on a little secret, the Boho Chic girls are the biggest addicts.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mable Ann · May 26

    In the 80’s everyone permed their hair and wanted curls. Everyone blamed it on Madonna but I think it looks better. Good for you, for doing what you think is pretty. People only follow something when Instagram gives the okay now.
    You’re beautiful, in so many ways and your hair is one of them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • AngelRemedy · May 26

      This is so besides the point but your name reminds me of Southern Comfort ❤


  4. Undead Glamour · May 26

    powerful words


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