Fire Magic Elaborated

Abal: Wild Rose

“I May Be A Bad Girl, But I’m A Damn Good Woman.” – Unknown 


This post is intended to be a magical continuation of my previous Fire Magic post.

I didn’t go into great details about the use of Fire other than a starter or sample course (I struggled with typing ”sample” after starter because it reminded me of food – very funny, I know).

So, I thought why not include more Fire examples?

Remember, nothing anyone says is set into stone. Use all the information you can but you must come up with the final result on your own. You deem information correct or incorrect, using your sound judgement and intuition. Don’t let anyone manipulate you into believing what they think is tried, tested and true – that may be so for them, but it is inaccurate if we are to believe everyone has their own individual path.


SideNote: I know we are all tired of saying and hearing this, but if any links show up as blue question marks or pictures, on my first Fire Magic post, WordPress is sorting out issues. I work hard on my posts and expect what I worked on to show.

Well, they better.

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Candles and Lighters

Fire is a means to an end. The means or end depends on you and what you want out of your spell.

Fire can be used to burn your spells after chanting or invoking and garners the elements for you, the same way incense cleanses, fire draws in.

Using candles is for appropriate colors. Example:

Red: Passion, Anger, Dispelling Earth Chakra

Orange: Sacral, Creative Energy, Samhain

Blue: Sadness {The Blues}, Throat Chakra, Angelic Spirits

Black: Negative, Removing Black Magic, Seeing Spirits

These are rough outlines of what to use and how to choose your candles. It seems a bit complicated when everyone is categorising differently, and that is where the beginning comes in; do what suits you. Knowledge is there for you to use, or not to, pick what you feel for the moment.

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Spell To Help Fire Grow

Like everything, magic grows. If you think you are a pyrokinetic, this would start with you being able to manipulate fire slightly. It can start with it reacting differently to you than any regular person.

Nonetheless, even if you are not, magic can be garnered. 


  1. Any Color Candle You Desire
  2. Lighter
  3. Altar
  4. Pentagram
  5. Black Marker


    1. It would be best not be interrupted while doing this. Fire works quickly so do not let someone take your attention from spotting differences.
    2. Draw a Pentagram with a Black Marker on your altar. This can come off with Detol wipes or any wipe that is chemically based, to remove a chemically-based marker.
    3. Place at least one candle {you choose the colour} on your altar and light it. Focus, or look, at the flame and don’t really try to move it at first. Touch it and see what happens. For me, it gets brighter and yellower or stands straight. Focus on your own gifts and faith. To a pyrokinetic, fire burns but does not have a strong effect, it doesn’t hurt at all.
    4. Repeat the following THREE TIMES while looking at the flame. If you live in a loud house, do this late at night or the wee hours of the morning:

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Star of The Morning
Setting At Dawn
You Move At Will
And Are Not Withdrawn
Gods of Fire Rise With Me
Rise Up
And Rise With Me

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I don’t know if this looks obvious but I feel a little fiery today.

I knew fire magic was in the air when when I woke up from my dream, last night. It was a long and tiresome journey but ended with clarity and a lot of answers. It was very demonic in nature and in the dream this creature turned into a professor I knew, who always confused me. This took place at the back of my house, behind the kitchen, where I always spot stray cats and wanderers or drifters. Nonetheless, it ended in excitement. Don’t you LOVE a good thrill?

Good Luck and Blessed Be My Sweets

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  1. Munnera Al Noami · May 30

    Thajba, 7abeebti, we live in the Middle East. ؟السحر مذكور قي القرآن مادري الناس شقحو و هم يقرون سورة الجن


    • AngelRemedy · May 30

      HAHAHA. I can’t, this was priceless. My blog was supposed to be safe haven but what can I do? شنسوي بعد


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