Card of The Day


This card is for Tuesday, May the 30th.

This card rings true to the meaning.

Sometimes in life you meet people who can’t seem to let you go. Those who have no light love leeching off those who do, and it can be hard for them to ever let go.

It is not easy staying true to yourself and handing out compassion to all.

If you find yourself ever having to stoop so low, remind yourself if this person really means anything to you, ten years from now. You will meet someone today, whether online or in person and they will remind you of all the reasons why hope matters.


“There once was a woman who believed that to give is good, and to receive is bad. So she gave and gave of her belongings, until there was nothing left to give. She gave and gave of her time, until it was all taken up with giving. 
She gave and gave to her family and friends, until she was so starved and exhausted, that she fell down and died; and thus, was of no use to anyone any longer, and least of all, to herself. “


The story above I found on an aromatherapy website. It went along with one of the herbs, as a story, to show its benefits.

When you are naturally a good person, it can be hard finding the balance between not tipping the scale and being chipper all the time. Feeling angry all day sucks to people like us. It feels unfunny, boring and just not soulfully satisfying. It can be tempting to go the other side and just give and tell yourself, you’ll find peace on the other side.

Why have these thoughts, ever? Because sticking it back to someone hurts so much? Or is it because, sensitives know that feeling everyone’s energy is humiliating, because you cannot accept that someone would be that humiliated by your reply.

I paused this for a second to answer a message from my cousin. I had asked him to pick two cards for me and send me a picture. I received the Knight of Cups & The Two of Cups. The Knight giving me, the card above, Two of Cups. Couldn’t be more synchronistic from such an unplanned event.


Have Fun and Blessed Be..

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  1. Witching Greenhood · May 30

    I call upon the Ancient Powers, to Guide you on this Sacred Hour.


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