Sleep Truths 🌕

Sleeping Beauty

Sleep is one of the main factors in my life, and after E-Mails, messages and conversations I have been included in, I see it is difficult to understand why dreams happen.

I can’t really discuss dreams in one simple post, but I can try.

There are many reasons on why we dream, and it may not always be good or enlightening. I am certain about two things; sleep paralysis does not exist and neither do meaningless dreams.

tumblr_mzxar97K6V1snc5kxo1_500One cannot neglect their feelings when interpreting sleep or waking up from a dream. If you wake up from a dream and you are still reeling from the emotions you felt in a dream, like feeling you have cried your eyes out, that leaves a lot to be pondered on. Why do I feel emotionally exhausted, like I let out my tears in real life?

We sleep confused and wake up with answers and new ideas, creativity even, that shows that dreams play a bigger role than rest, only.

If you were to Google “Sleep Paralysis” you would find many pictures of people being startled by what they describe as “scary figures and faces” and an “inability to move”. I am not going to elaborate on why because each situation differs from the next. You are more than welcome to personally contact me and maybe I can try to figure it out.

Being, that this is a Witch blog, I can’t lie. I will honestly say that they are not hallucinations. If you feel like you cannot move no matter how hard you push, there is a negative force involved. It is not simple, but it does suit your path. Find the reason through realising who you are. Don’t push what is being revealed to you.


I know this looks too happy for such an emotional truth bomb. It is not easy to sleep when you have vivid dreams and it can feel like impossible anxiety, but the more you interpret your dreams, the more enjoyable it becomes.

Interpreting Dreams:

  1. Notice symbols in the dream, not just immediate occurrences. What house are you in? Have you seen it before? Do the colors make you feel frightened even with no sign of a visible threat?
  2. If you can remember tasting food and smelling your environment, there is a reason you remember. Don’t push it as ‘just a dream’.
  3. Do your dreams sometimes show the future? Did you ever dream and have it manifest a day later? You have a gift. Appreciate and nurture it.
  4. If in your waking state you feel unsure and uneasy about someone, and you later have dreams about them hurting you.. your answer is revealed. Remember how they made you feel. It is clear whether dreams are just for enjoyment or for change.
  5. Dreams are for enjoyment when they seem really random and extraordinarily fun. I had a dream once where the room kept on changing to different versions of my favourite cartoon. It was weird, unexplainable, yet vividly enjoyable.
  6. There are countless websites that show exactly what each aspect of your dream means. Find one that seems right.
  7. If you hear voices in ordinary reality and in dreams, they are not just figments of your imagination. Mental Illness is real and it is not something to joke about. But, it does not mean there are people who do not possess gifts, whether you think you are ill or have abilities is entirely up to you, your family, and your doctor. {I am obliged to say this, as I have received countless E-Mails telling me I am ignoring Mental Illness}
  8. If you find yourself in odd places after your dreams, I can tell you as a Witch, they always mean something. They will keep happening until you acknowledge them. 
  9. If a dream seems hard to wake up from, like you are too tired to even open your eyes, and then immediately resumes after shutting your eyes – that is a prophetic dream. They do not occur often, but are always signs of a new beginning. {The tiredness should be caused by the dream itself, not prescription drugs}
  10. Apps like Lucid Dreamer and DreamZ have helped me keep track of my dreams and REM activity.

Good Luck and Blessed Be

If You Have Questions Message Me




  1. Derek · June 2, 2017

    Do your dreams get affected by Medical Marijuana?


    • AngelRemedy · June 2, 2017

      No. They do not affect my memory or how vivid it is, they actually make them more vivid sometimes, especially after meditation.

      I have not smoked since 2015 though, and my dreams have gotten more vivid and intense since. I will be sure to see what happens when I do again.


  2. Renaissance Queen · June 2, 2017

    I love how your articles are always fun. I can’t be interested in something plain lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cora Ronai · June 2, 2017

    Beautiful as always 🙂


  4. Beth · June 2, 2017

    Darling, some of the links on your older posts are not working. Thought I should let you know. 🙂


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