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The phrase Animal Spirit Guide is just what the name implies: Spirit Guides who are in Animal Form. Sometimes they care called spirit animals, totem animals or power animals. This is another way other than Divination Tools that our guides can communicate with us through our journey. 90a4e926236a200d5328517384c22370.png

Animals are seen as creatures of purity, and finding solace and connecting to your Guides through Spirit, can help you to understand yourself, your path, troubles and happy times too. 8e79fe00119ced73e79be471a7674b8a.png

Spirit Animals don’t always appear as a literal animal. You could dream about one, then someone brings that animal up in conversation, or spotting it while flipping through the television. You could see a backpack and are drawn to the animal on it, then hear that animal synchronistically or coincidentally for the following days, weeks, or months. 9d8058d0b6191319d61d82d6d0a54792-1.png

Be sure to research that animal. There are websites galore on Spirit Animals and Totem Animals. You’ll quickly see why that animal chose you. 8d7504e76a931ea16c97f390c83a8205.png

The Butterfly was my Spirit Animal once and I couldn’t stop seeing it for a month. I went to have lunch on the beach and a butterfly started flying right in front of my face. Two days later I received a package from my grandparents who got me teas and biscuits from travels, the packaging and tea set, were filled with different Butterfly designs. b768dd197d7e875dd2b7d5a32342383d-1.png

I researched what it meant and it entirely resonated with what I was going through, and how I behaved. 


This card does not only portray tough in the literal sense. You can be tough emotionally as well as physically. Wolverines are considered very wise, yet vicious when intimidated. They are land-dwelling animals that know where the river ends and flows, and know when the best catch is, making them wise beyond their years. They are more vicious than bears, bears are calmer and more nurturing but can leave their mark, especially if you plan on harming their cubs. 🐻

The Wolverines are a little more volatile and sensitive. So this can show a day where emotions are high and not to be tampered with. Yet, the card shows you can and will prosper. 1f959810c2780d2241d3fe8e6ae19ebf


Blessed Be




  1. Saphire · June 4, 2017

    Mother Willow ❤


  2. Angeni · June 4, 2017

    I am so excited. I am Native American and my name means spirit ❤ sending yummy warm hugs always ❤


  3. Layan Muhammadi · June 4, 2017

    Que que na-to-ra
    You will understand🎶


  4. FreshlyPressed · June 4, 2017

    “Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one” wow..

    Liked by 1 person

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