Card of The Day


This is not an easy card to follow, and I don’t usually like getting it. Pulling this card over and over again over a short amount of time can seem like a let down, even if we don’t care to admit it on the outside.

The message I am getting is not try not to dwell in the literal sense, but take a look back at when you really wanted someone and now see why it happened {whatever it may be}. It seems easy to do, but can be easier with the help of Divination Tools. If now more than ever you feel the need for an extra helping hand, visit your local New Age shop for any Divination Tool you feel brings out the light in you.

The time is right when you know, trust that. Things will move faster than you expect.

I am using the Cards from because they bring out the light in me. I searched through the Web for other similar websites and found none that made my heart sing. 

Good Day and Blessed Be



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