Empowerment Spell

Goddess Hera

With Women at the forefront of change in recent years, and the disappointing ongoing neanderthalic qualities in Men, I thought an Empowerment Spell for Women was in order. 

I Meditated on what to say and who to call on and Goddess Hera immediately popped in my mind’s eye. Hera (Roman name: Juno), wife of Zeus and queen of the Ancient Greek Gods, represented the ideal woman and was goddess of marriage and family.

She was smart, quick-tempered when wronged and cared greatly about the roles of Women. Now, as a God, she is the perfect energy to call on to help with feeling Empowered. This does not mean only when problems arise or being in the state of a victim, she helps all women. If you feel like you need an extra boost in confidence and showing people who you truly are, call to Goddess Hera for help. 


I copied the following from Google when searching for more information on Hera. What I found… Why don’t we take a look together…

Facts about Hera:

  • Hera was Queen of the OLYMPIAN GODS.
  • She was the wife and sister of Zeus.
  • Hera was a jealous wife, and she fought with Zeus frequently over his extramarital affairs and illegitimate children. For this reason, Hera was known for punishing offending husbands.
  • She was the protector of women, presiding over marriages and births.
  • While Hera was worshipped in all parts of Greece, temples were erected in her honor at Argos and Salmos.
  • The peacock was sacred to her.
  • Hera had few, if any, redeeming qualities. She never forgot an injury.
  • Though she may have been physically attractive, her vindictive personality makes her less so.

The list goes on, but that is when I decided I had enough of this gunk. And people say we have come so far as women… Because we can wear pants now and could only wear skirts before? Would you believe women who wore makeup were seen as Lady of The Nights, and Men could proudly display their powdered faces and obscene wigs?

Her personality was less than desired because she was a jealous wife? I love how equality in marriage is a thing of the present. Is it wrong for a woman to love her husband so much, she would not want him to be with another? Especially so proudly and in display?

Shoot me for saying this but; no. This is all wrong. I had intended to write another spell and decided to take a detour when I saw this. The gentlemen who typed this up left his mind in Ancient Greece. Don’t perpetuate such a false stigma on Women. Be better. Do better.


Empowerment Spell for Women:


  1. Two Green Candles {Representing money, prosperity, employment, fertility, healing and growth}
  2. Turquoise Crystal {In the workplace, Turquoise promotes leadership, assists relocation or regular travel associated with career, and helps avoid unwise investments}
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Clay Bowl {Any kind so long as both candles can fit inside}
  5. Pen or Marker {Any colour so long as it does not come off when rubbed}
  6. Nature


  1. Take your ingredients outside and place them on grass.
  2. Inscribe your name on the clay bowl.
  3. Place both the green candles inside the bowl and light them. 
  4. Pour a shallow amount of olive oil in the bowl. Be sure to not put out the flame.
  5. Place the turquoise crystal in between both candles.
  6. Repeat the following spell while taking in your surroundings. If you want to touch the grass and bowl while saying this feel free to do so:
Empowering Bowl of Flowing Energy
Bring Hera To Help With My Duties

Leave the candles to burn for longer than you usually would. After you feel ready to blow out the flames, do so and pour the Olive Oil on the grass. If your candles have not burned all the way down, keep them to use whenever you feel like you need to repeat this spell, or to perform another prosperity spell.

Good Luck and Blessed Be





  1. Widow · June 6, 2017

    So its a bad thing that women are angry when someone wrongs them? It’s easy ignoring everything and telling yourself we have come so far, but looking at behaviour of people and information like this really makes you wonder.


    • AngelRemedy · June 6, 2017

      We have come far in terms of information but it is very disturbing how it is normal in society to ignore it. The fact that her bad behaviour is still perpetuated because she was a wronged wife is crazy.


  2. Iman Ebrahim · June 6, 2017

    this is something to try,, i’ll get me green candles first

    Liked by 1 person

  3. almas · June 7, 2017

    I just came here from Snapchat because I was too glamoured by your beauty. mashAllah.


  4. Slytherin · June 7, 2017

    Mesmerising, you are!!!


    • AngelRemedy · June 7, 2017

      Thank you, from team Hufflepuff/Gryffindor/Slytherin-Lover xoxo


  5. 666 · June 7, 2017

    Liked by 1 person

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