Simple Truth Spell

Dream Weavers

With the mixed emotions I have been feeling related to social media, and a blunder of messages asking for a Truth Spell using home ingredients, I had to place this here.

This spell can feel uncomfortable if you’re not used to feeling energies. The truth is the truth, as ugly or sweet.

If you feel it too much I will also place a simple revoking spell here.


Truth Spell


For Those Who Want The Truth Revealed,

Opened Hearts And Secrets Sealed,

From Now Until My Restful Sleep,

I Will Hear The Thoughts That Others Keep



  1. Purple and Blue Candle {As many or as little as you would like.}
  2. Lapis Lazuli Crystal {Every New Age shoppe stocks them. The Bookcase in Bahrain has a mini-stand near the checkout counter, full of different crystals.}
  3. Salt
  4. Cinnamon


  1. Cast a circle around you using salt. Not all spells call for circle magic and a lot can do without them, but I like the feeling of a safe-space.
  2. Either standing or seated light the candles and place them in front of you.
  3. Sprinkle cinnamon on the candle flames and think about what you feel is being held from you. Think about the truth, think about the lies.
  4. Hold the Lapis Lazuli in your hands while chanting the spell, above, four times.
  5. Blow out the candles when done and sit for a moment to fully explore your feelings and new sensations.
  6. If you feel like you are experiencing too many different energies at this stage, follow the revoking spell below…

Hold a lot of salt in your hands or around you and repeat the below, once…


Revoking Truth Spell


The Truth Revealed Has Come To Me

And Now I Wish To Set It Free

Shift The Course of Illness Borne

Extinguish The Fire That Was Born

Divider Scroll 2.png

Good Luck and Blessed Be My Sweets






  1. SelenetheWitch · June 13, 2017

    This worked…. Perfectly! Granted it was a bit much by the end I revoked it before bed time. Goddess.


  2. Trqiuetra's Den · June 13, 2017

    I used it too except with four other people. I am unsure about many but what I am sure of is that I need a massive holiday after this ☂🙇🏾


    • AngelRemedy · June 13, 2017

      I feel a fever coming on because of this.. Seychelles would be highly recommended from me xoxo


  3. Trqiuetra's Den · June 13, 2017

    What should I do if I want to continue this but find people’s thoughts disgusting? More salt?


    • AngelRemedy · June 13, 2017

      Tweak the wording in the spell to avoid thoughts but feeling energies only. Or no thoughts and just truth through speach.


  4. Alan Hypnotherapy · June 13, 2017

    Christmas recieving this in the mail. Say hello to your brother as well for me, please.


  5. Evangelista · June 13, 2017

    My advice to you would be not to join a coven. You’re a goddess and that will cause abrupt negativity!


  6. Aysha · June 13, 2017

    “The Bookcase in Bahrain has a mini-stand…” Cute thajba!


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