Channelling Spirits

Night Spirits

I was discussing with friends what I should blog about next, and I thought this topic has always been a popular one among Witches and anyone who is into the supernatural and occult.

Most questions are on if it can be done, and concerns on safety; both are valid yet easy to answer when you embark on several years of spiritual discovery. Anything and everything exists, either it has not been discovered yet or your mind has not accepted new – that is my philosophy and has done me pretty good my whole life.

Being a Witch, skepticism is not really in our vocabulary but logic is. I hate having to repeat myself and always stating somewhere in some paragraph how, logically, scammers exist. It is not fun to be someone who is passionate about what they do, and what they see, experiencing all sorts of doubt since birth; to have to come across ill-informed comments on videos, such as YouTube.

We all have the rights to our own opinions, as the Internet has clearly displayed since its conception. 

So, without further delay, channelling….

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The first time I witnessed anyone getting channelled was four years ago. I have seen videos and documentaries before that, but nothing came close to the sheer pleasure of witnessing this live and in action.

The former me, was a strong skeptic, hard to believe… I know. My radar was always set to scam and not to believe {Cut me some slack, though, I have seen a lot and you can blame this on my Capricorn Moon}.

I had to see it to believe it. A part of me knew everything existed, but also was in extreme doubt because of my experiences and lack of mentoring. I didn’t have a strong spiritual background, religious yes, but all my ventures in the metaphysical led me to tiresome encounters with family and society. I finally got what I bargained for, using determination and never for a lack of trying.

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I always knew I had it in me to channel, and after Ayahuasca and going through the experience myself, there was no turning back.

Instead of me talking about my own experiences, I thought I should type up something more helpful by creating a list. A list of the do’s and don’ts. I won’t tell you if you can, you’ll surely know once you have tried.

Channelling Spirits

  1. It is important knowing what exactly you would like to channel. There are many spirits, and many with different style and help. Think about who you would like to channel and why. Is it a deceased loved one? A spirit to help? A spirit you wish to help? This makes it easier.
  2. Don’t attempt to channel just anywhere. Dedicate a room, a cleansed and sacred space. Fill this room with crystals, specifically warding ones and make sure to always smudge the entire room before embarking on this journey.
  3. Before you get channeled there will always be a calm in the room. Everyone’s body reacts differently to this. I usually feel my energy pounding in my heart, and my voice changes, audibly. Most people shut their eyes, some do not, I however tend to do both. The spirit always states their name and I make sure to let it know what I want.
  4. Most channellers always have trouble slowing down when they speak. A lot of stutterers and people with perceived speech problems, have a lot of energy coursing through them. They also bite their tongue a lot {You are not alone, fellow channellers}.
  5. Channellers would have almost always sensed spirits growing up. Whether this is through sight or smell or touch, is up to the individual. You can see moving figures from the corner of your eye, or actually witness more. 
  6. Channellers can always spot energy patterns in the sky. They have different colours and looks according to the individual, but almost always resemble the colours of our chakras.
  7. Channelling will not work every time. It is not a delivery system and is not up to the individual, this depends on the spirits and what is allowed for the day, but the individual who is used to getting channeled will mostly know when it is permitted. I like to ask and feel a resounding ‘yes’ or ‘no’ {This depends on who I am with and what I can handle for the day}.
  8. Channellers are sensitive to energy. You can always sense when someone is behind you, or about to call or message you. You sometimes know what song is going to play before it does, often hearing it in your mind intuitively. My friends and I, both very strong Psychics, often say the same thing without planning it ahead. That happens with a lot of Psychic friends ❤ 
  9. Channellers can control their dreams, or lucid dream. Maybe not at first, but with time they can tell they are dreaming and can change outcomes.
  10. Channellers tend to talk to themselves a lot. This can be embarrassing for those who do not understand you, but there is nothing wrong with expressing your creativity aloud. 
  11. Electronics always tend to go on the fritz around Channellers. {People get frustrated with their Wifi connection around me}.

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If you would like personal stories or more information, please do let me know. 

I sensed this would be fitting for a starter post.

Good Luck and Blessed Be



  1. Archers · June 14

    Please please please personal story

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Geena · June 14

    I knew I wanted to be a Witch and not an average Medium when I realised their answers weren’t comforting!


    • AngelRemedy · June 14

      Yes Mediums can be like that. “They want you to know they love you and are safe”. I needed something more personal, maybe something only the two of us know.


      • Geena · June 14

        Yeah! Exactly what you said.


  3. gypsylantern · June 15

    You are beautiful


  4. Latifa · June 15

    YouTube always has shitty comments


    • AngelRemedy · June 15

      While that maye be true, I am not someone who likes to repress her emotions, I have done that my whole life and I want to live a free life. Everyone is entitled to their opinion from what I have seen, so I am entitled to mine as well. Their comments trigger a lot of memories from people who speak in the exact manner.


  5. Latifa · June 15

    But anyways as always.. I love everything you do!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Eve · June 16

    I think I am a Medium but I am confused because of several relationships I encountered. Doing tarot now I see the confusion was done on purpose so they can feel better about themselves. The problem is this is over three guys? Is the pattern me? I don’t mean to dump this on your door but I don’t think any other website would answer something this long


    • AngelRemedy · June 16

      You’re not the pattern. The problem with mainstream spirirtuality is they tell you, you attract what you are. That is utter shit, it’s like telling someone you attracted rape because you are rape. There is a strong emphasis on victim blaming I don’t think anyone even thought about. Your good nature needs to be tweaked, there is no problem. You were guided to meet those people so they can maintain your good heart but shift your perspective. You’ll never know you’re a Medium unless you try ✨


  7. Jupiter · June 16

    I give this post a ten.! I love this!


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