Send Darkness Spell

Drink Me

I have just come from watching a video of a Romanian witch, believing she has dispelled Black Magic from someone by putting it inside a bird’s mouth and then sacrificing it. Please understand that it is not my wish to attack anyone’s cultures, but that does not work. Sacrificing an animal and beating it to death has nothing but putrid energy tied to it. The only thing you will be doing is causing more negative energy in the air. If you believe you have cured someone of Black Magic using methods like that, the person who suspects they have been under malicious intent was not.

With all of this being the theme in mind, I decided to place my own Black Magic removal spell with the added bonus of sending darkness. That way, you can finally leave all the animals alone, right?

Also, please leave the poor Black kitties alone. Stop perpetuating false realities about cats. They are familiars and black is just a colour. You make it bad or good with your energy.


Send Darkness Spell

This spell works as more of a heavy-hitter. Do not do this to someone who does not deserve this, as it will not work. If anyone you suspect has thrown ill magic your way, then use this.


  • Soil from a Graveyard {Always visit a graveyard with protection and respect. Use crystals or any cleansing herb or resin.}
  • 12 Black Candles {Any size but the amount counts.}
  • Potion Vial {Clear colour works best.}
  • Black Kyanite Crystal
  • Performing this Spell at Dawn
  • Tobacco


  1. Go outside at dawn and find a spot where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Light your tobacco in a pipe or a cigarette you fashioned, and blow it on yourself or the person you are doing this on. Do this for a minimum of ten minutes, while visualising darkness leaving you.
  3. Leave your tobacco to burn and hold it or set it on the ground. Place your candles in front of you and light them.
  4. Place the soil in your potion vial and place it behind the candles. It is best that the vial is clear so you can see the soil and have a stronger intent.
  5. Hold the Black Kyanite in the palms of your hands for a few minutes, while visualising it absorbing the darkness. {If you are doing this on someone else, place it on their head}.
  6. Then put the crystal on your abdomen {where your Solar Plexus would be} and chant the following thrice…
I Cloak You Now In Witch’s Light {If doing this on yourself omit ‘you’ and use ‘myself’}
Darkness’ Plunder Be Gone From This Sight
Find a Home Where Darkness Roams
And Harm No One With Light At Home
Let Hekate Help in Undoing This Gloom
And Necromance The Darkness To Another Room


  • End this by snuffing out the candles and blowing tobacco on yourself {or other} once more. The soil will have absorbed negative energy so dispose of it by flushing it down the toilet and breaking the glass. If your toilet system goes through a natural stream then dispose of the soil in the sea. Sea is cleansing and naturally has salt.
  • Black Candles are almost always used to counteract negativity and has strong traditions in Wicca and Paganism. Black represents darkness, negativity and Goddess Hekate.. to name a few.
  • The symbology and intent of dawn is to start a new day, a new beginning, if you will.


Blessed Be





  1. Sibeel · June 14

    This is good!!


  2. The🌾Meadowlands · June 14

    Tobacco is fascinating. How did you come up with that?


    • AngelRemedy · June 14

      I went to South America a couple of times and liked the way my body worked when they did that on me. It got me thinking about how tobacco is a plant, like any other. It kills because of the substances it is mixed with to form an ordinary commercial cigarette. I felt nauseaus when they were clearing me of residual energy but felt very grounded afterwards.


  3. Sarah Ah · June 14

    I am just starting on writing spells and I feel I am not rhyming them correctly


  4. Sarah Ah · June 14

    I always feel they start well and end up a litttle shakey


    • AngelRemedy · June 14

      Start with spells that are not too long. At the end of the day, your intent and what you want out of the spell is what matters. Don’t focus on rhyming like me, I just like doing that because I always did growing up. Xx


  5. Tray Athens · June 14

    Saw your face on WOTC and I thought I was dreaming for a second…


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