Goddess Kali: The Dark Goddess & Destroyer

Kali: Dark Goddess and Destroyer

Kali is the Hindu goddess of death, time, and destruction.

She was famous for her demonic battles, often carrying and proudly displaying their heads on a belt around her hips.

She was feminine, yet the epitome of destruction. No one would dare disrespect Kali, and no one did. Although they tried, they often ended up severed with nothing left but the remnants of who they were. She was extremely skilled in combat and wielded swords like no other.

Her most famous picture is of her stepping on a demon, while carrying the head of another, sticking her tongue out to show her accomplishment.

Now, she is a Goddess who not only helps people in supernatural battle, but helps all who wish to destroy, understand time and death.


Candle Magic Colour associated to Kali: Orange, Blue and Black.

Orange because it is Kali’s colour and most of her images depict that. Orange is the colour of creativity and Sacral Chakra energy.

Blue because it represents the colour of Kali’s skin and helps call her near.

Black represents death, destruction and the underworld.

Days to call on Goddess Kali: Any day but preferably Thursdays for its association to Hearth & Home Magic and success and prosperity.


Knot Spell for Binding

When I think of India I immediately think of elaborate thread-work, clothing and gold. I meditated on what spell to create while calling on Kali for help and this manifested and took form. Feel free to use this on any day, I just added the days above for stronger intent and information.


  1. 7 INCH Gold Thread {This does not have to be literal gold. Gold colour will suffice}
  2. 1 Orange Candle, 1 Blue Candle, 1 Black Candle
  3. Peppermint Oil
  4. Rosemary Oil
  5. Wintergreen Oil

Peppermint Oil can cause rashes or minor burns and itches. Avoid it if you have sensitive skin and substitute it with Peppermint Herb or Mint Herb.


  1. Take the ingredients to your altar as this needs to be as elaborate and detailed as possible. That is how Kali works.
  2. Light your three candles and meditate on Kali listening.
  3. Start by combining all the oils {a few drops of each} in the palms of your hands, rub them together and pat your face. Take deep breaths and allow your Third Eye to open up.
  4. Knot one knot on your gold thread and say the following aloud This First Knot Binds and Intertwines” knot your second one and say “This Second Knot Stops Space and Time” knot your third and say “The Third Will Bring Me News I Seek, and Bind The One I Wish To Flee”.


Leave the thread until you hear the news you seek, one that binds your will to theres.

There are countless binding spells and this one does exactly as the spell’s words implies.


Good Luck and Blessed Be





  1. Aishu'ru · June 17, 2017

    Intelligent, funny and good-hearted honest nature, also the many fascinating info you have… bet you were popular in school!


  2. Gulam Witch · June 17, 2017

    This spell actually pushed me to be the biggest b—–ch. I love it. Kali really is dark, isn’t she? I smell jealousy on this post… well everywhere really but here… uff


    • AngelRemedy · June 17, 2017

      Well… I was hoping I could cover up for people’s absurdness, oh well. Hahaha!


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