Divine Love

Flower Angels

Nothing, according to lore and Witch memorabilia, is as Divine as a parent’s love for their child – more specifically a mother’s love.

Being as this is more of a personal blog then a shared website, I wanted to share before the spell I will place here, my life-path-experience with my own Mother.

To say she was cruel, would be putting it nicely. My looks and weight were the centre point and fixation of my entire childhood, starting at a very early age, I can remember as far as 2. Mind you, I was never an obese child. I may not have been skinny, but I was a child. I was Active. Healthy. Funny. Vivacious. Pure Soul. You’d think that is all a Mother could really be thankful for, right?

Not so much.

I excused her behaviour and chalked it up to paranoia, because she had her weight issues growing up, but I quickly realised she let it soil her into an insanely horrible woman. She would hire trainers left and right, humiliate me and my body and secrets in front of them, very personal sexual stories, too. She would pick apart my abdomen, then my arm, then my thighs, all in the name of health. I was confused, would be an understatement. She told me already, she was paranoid I would go down the same path as she did in terms of weight gain, but is this how you prevent someone from turning sociopathic? Abuse them in front of strangers? Your own child? Someone who you supposedly cared for and the sanctity of their purity, you would be so cruel as to parade my body in front of strangers? Not only that, but let them have at it, too.

Now, mind you, I had a mirror. I have a brain. I have a heart – soul too. I could clearly see I was not overweight. I may have not been thin, and had the usual baby weight we all had growing up… but I was confused. I had to resort to thoughts on whether my own mother was jealous of me. Now, mind you, again, it happens. People get jealous. We are all human. We feel.

But, the reason I was confused about her behaviour was because she constantly played the part of the good samaritan. She wronged me, then tried to buy my way with love. The cycle was never-ending. Also, to top it off, I felt sorry for her.

I know what you’re all thinking; how? How could you feel bad after all that? Because that’s how she is. That is how I am – empathetic.

She crawls in your heart, then hurts it and…. humiliates it.

I take people way too seriously, so I have discovered. People would say a mother, is a mother. You will never have another. No matter what she does, respect her.

At a young age, that didn’t sit well with me. I was never an aggressive child, was ALWAYS honest with my mother, always felt pity on her even when she overly drank or acted childish (never once blaming her for a bad childhood) – I was around four when the drinking started. 

So… the whole “respect your mother at all costs” was taken too seriously, on my part.

I found myself in a constant inner-battle. I would hide her secrets, defend her to the death, pick her up every time she fell {literally} and then hate myself for doing all that when she picks me a part, like a wild animal, in front of strangers. Strangers who would come and go, but always lasted years.

She would use the excuse of “but I am a grown up” when outing me, but never stopped to think about how I felt when she was the definition of disloyal to me.

I would consider this oversharing, but my guides are pushing me to let it all out. To once and for all speak the truth that has been eating my insides. The truth that led me to have insomnia and eating disorders. 

I don’t share. I don’t like too. From what I have learned, people kick you when you’re down and would stop at nothing to offend you, even when you are down.

I used yesterday and today as a remedy to help heal my wounds.

I think they are so deep, I forgot how many I was already carrying.

I forgot how many caused me to abuse myself, instead of letting out the rage that was well-deserved. Instead of telling people the truth of their ways, forgetting I was so brainwashed into thinking I was wrong.

Now, I know.

I have Angelic Guides. I have truth. I have love. I finally have peace. True peace.

I may not know why I was chosen for this to happen to me, but I am starting to understand.

I am meeting myself bit by bit, with every Healing Spell, and I can honestly understand why people love being around me.

Spell for Emotional Healing and Moving Forward

Cast this spell at dawn.


  • one white candle (for purity and strength) in the middle
  • one pink candle (for spiritual help) at the right
  • one blue candle (for cleansing of the self) at the left

As you light each candle (starting from the middle, then right, then the left), say:

This is the turning point in my life.
I am erasing the past.
The future is mine to choose.
Right at this moment, I am making my tomorrows.
I forgive myself for all past mistakes.
I start over with a clean slate.
I choose for myself only that which I desire to experience.
I choose (health, wealth, companionship, happiness, etc.)
As I will it, so it shall be.

Extinguish the candles.

Source: natural-magics.tumblr.com

Blessed Be




  1. Gulam Witch · June 18

    This was devastating to read. I can’t think straight.


  2. Time · June 18

    I will be there for you, when no one else does.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tilda Myers · June 18

    I have a PHD in psychotherapy and out of all the victims of abuse I have witnessed, this is the worst. I think you sound very confused while you are talking. You are not making this sound like as big of a deal as it should be. Your family should be outright ashamed of themselves. I am disgusted.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Mathew · June 18

    Because you’re a fucking Goddess that’s why


  5. Mohammed US · June 18

    And you still post a spell after feeling like this? This is why. You’re special.


  6. Angel Dust · June 18

    Making a ritual for you as we speak


  7. Jude · June 18

    Angels on earth will always attract the energy of shit, please know this information.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Martha Lilly · June 18

    This encourages me to be brave.Honest.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Peter cross · June 18

    You light up my world like nobody else – One Direction


  10. Ujib · June 18

    I do not think you know how beautiful you are that’s the problem!


  11. Lilac Unicorn · June 18

    Sending you rays upon rays of love and light and prosperity my witch sister xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  12. Shakti · June 18

    Kali’s energy is everywhere

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Meriam · June 18

    When you know the truth it’s funny how people still deny you that.


    • AngelRemedy · June 18

      Being a Witch too. I would love to see the look on their faces when I finally see them. Sheer joy. xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

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