Pastel Dreams


I picked this card faced-down out of 72 Animal Spirit Guide cards online. It was funny, because I was feeling a Unicorn Theme today. I designed the Blingee above, before picking the card, below. {By the way, if you haven’t checked out Blingee already, you should. It is too fun.}

There are all kinds of Witches. Healing Witches, Pyrokinetic Witches, Witches who have a special bond with Elements, Witches who have the gift of healing animals with a simple touch; but all share one thing in common… An aura of magic. The belief in something greater, whether it be you or something else, something extraordinary and supernatural. It may cost you your sanity, but the results give you freedom.

I love being a Witch and I hope you all do too. Don’t get discouraged.


Being that the theme is magic and wonder, I wanted to share some fascinating graphics with all of you….






Feel free to use the images as you choose. If there is an artist’s name on the picture, then it belongs to that person.

As always, if the pictures turn up blank, please do let me know so I can replace them.

Blessed Be



side note: The plan was to go overboard on this one. Sorry in advance, if this is an eye sore. I love magic. I love colours. Enjoy!

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