Complementary Opposites Challenge

I used to feel like I was guided to do so many things. I thought I was too bad, or too good. I thought maybe I shouldn’t drink, maybe I should avoid video games and movies with too much violence, maybe I am being too pure – the point is, the list of “maybes” can be and were never ending. That is okay. That is purely Divine Guidance to find your niche and what fits you and your soul. The soul that chose to experience a human experience. 

After decades {past lives included} of spiritual resolutions and conclusions, I finally found what suits me, as Thajba.

I found a life of duality to be the optimum way to live. By that I mean, a life of good and bad. A life that is real. After all, God does not sit on a cloud giving demerits and plus ones to all, that is the work of fiction and malevolent beings. The truth is… the truth is too grand, as complicated as that may sound.

God is everything. God is Love. God is Hate. God is Rage. God is just a word we labeled The Divine – Divine is just a word too. If God is everything, you can choose what to label this force. I choose to make God all-encompassing, meaning, Masculine and Feminine. God and Goddess.


If God’s guidance is strictly good, then is everyone else forsaken? So everyone who asks for God’s help that are in bad surroundings or who want to change, neglected?

Spirituality and Angel Readers teach us that when we operate on low frequencies, or on fear, we push our destiny and God away. How is that so? But, God also sees all and watches all? Am I ignored?

Do you see where I am coming from? Information is scattered between two: religions and spirituality. All religions claim that they are the “one true religion”. Meanwhile, with spirituality, they teach us that we are a result of our thoughts, choices and actions.

That is not kind, nor does it sound Angelic to me.

From encountering Angels, Gods and Spirits first-hand, I see that they understand all. They are the trees, the rocks, the river. They are the air we breath and herbs we use to make Magic and Heal. There are Water Gods and Fire Gods. Even river nymphs and mermaid galore.

I needed to find the link.

If all are true, and all exist, then where do we meet? What ties us Divinely?

That is where Duality comes in…


Do not try to be too bad or too good. Simply be who you were destined to be, a human being. A human being who wants to cry and curl into a blanket. A human being who wants to laugh and celebrate themselves. A human being who wants to love, and be loved in return.

Be Divinely human – and when the time comes that you need guidance to find out who you truly are; call to the Gods for help, as they will surely be waiting.


We are all connected to each other, in a circle that never ends…

Blessed Be




  1. Meriam · June 20, 2017

    I have never felt more Angelic goodness in my life. Beautiful words.


  2. tahani alali · June 20, 2017

    Pure you are. جميلة بمعنت الكلمة و قلب نظيف


  3. Yesh · June 21, 2017

    Is the tally up yet?


  4. Reema · June 21, 2017

    omg I love u


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