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I know I say it probably way too many times, but to me, Mint is the Salt of the herb world.
Here are some of my fave things to do with it!


  • Make Mint Tea! Get a tea strainer or a small sachet bag and chop up some Mint into them. Swirl that baby around in hot, not boiling, water and add sugar if you want! This drink can be made magical by adding intent to it such as wanting protection throughout the day, or to bring luck to you!


  • T H E B A T H. You can add mint to your bath to attract beauty and luck to yourself. I find Mint works well with Roses in a bath!


  • Mint Protection Jar! Find some Mint, add them leaves to a jar, fill it with some rain water or sea water and bam! Basic Protection jar! You can add other herbs or sigils to it to increase it’s power, if you want.


  • Mint plants are so easy to grow and propagate.


  • Personal Growth Spell. Find a Mint plant, get a small piece of paper and hang it off a sturdy part of the plant, ask the plant if it will let you grow with it.


  • Mint can be used in break up spells for couples that need a fresh start.


  • Some negative entities hate the smell of fresh mint.


  • Remember that Mint Tea? Add it to your mop bucket and get mopping! That Mint will cleanse your home and make it smell nice.


  • Carry a few Mint leaves in your pocket or wallet to bring good luck and prosperity.


  • Tip that my nan taught me. Hang Mint leaves over a doorway to prevent arguments.


  • Mint leaves under a pillow are said to bring prophetic dreams.


  • Mint can be used in healing spells!

Blessed Be




  1. AalM · June 24

    I didn’t know Mint was so useful. I have basil but no mints!


  2. Erikson J Oliver · June 24

    Add Poppy to your Mint Protection Jar and pop that onto your bedside for protected instant sleep 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ivana · June 24

    Yes they are easy to grow and do propagate… Fellow garden grower my self

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Steve · June 24

    For some reason there’s always a theme in your comment section with colours……….


  5. Basma AlManai · June 24

    Always love ur sources and info!xxxxxxxx


  6. ervin · June 24

    A section on Rosemary would be lovely too ❤


  7. roree · June 24

    Always bliss receiving a new notification on this website!!!!!


  8. Oleef · June 24



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