A Pact With The Universe

Panismo ஐ

Judging is a topic any sensitive does not like to act or speak on. With all the life-coaches and books galore on owning your true self, speaking from the heart and finding balance in life, it can seem hard sticking to and owning your identity in the midst of chatter and negative mind-talk. 

I self-reflected a lot these past couple of weeks, and saw a lot of past negative mind-talk rising to the surface, sort of like tipping the scale between being “too nice” or overly aggressive. I sifted deeper to self-realise the root of my problems, and saw judgement to be at the top of them: self-judgment and judgment dumped on me by people.


Self Judgement 

How many times do sensitives get told they judge themselves too much? More times than any of us can count, really. 

That can be a manifestation of poor self-talk and making yourself the victim, choosing to metaphorically cut yourself over and over again…


A lot of the times, the problem can be, is that we get told by the same people who claim the world is morbid and dark, a place where anyone with a soul gets crushed, people who wish for it to be different, that our sensitivities are a burden. That being sensitive leads to misunderstandings and not being able to handle the “harsh world” we live in. 

I get asked a lot why I choose to focus problems about sensitives on the world, and not within.

The reason being, is because that has been done a lot and I saw a pattern nobody was addressing. A pattern where sensitives would self-bash, emotionally tear and criticise themselves because of their sensitivities, being told that feeling everything is unhealthy and to just “switch it off”. That can lead to a mountain of self-judgement – telling yourself “you’re too nice” and beating yourself up when you eventually, react.

After realising the root of my self-judgements and wanting to help all those who do the same, I found making a pact with the Universe, the non-judging and all loving force of nature that controls all, to be my best bet… and I hope it is yours too.

I will place a small spell here including the Universe/God/Goddess {whatever you want this force to be} that includes unburdening all self-judgements.

Before I make my final point, that is…

People’s Judgements 

I know, we’ve all heard this one before, “live and let live”.

That can be easier said than done.

It’s not easy owning your personality when it is ripped apart and the world expects you to place yourself in the box, a box of normal emotions, normal work and normal friends. 

Something I witnessed with novice Witches, is that they tend to completely ignore who they are, to be someone else. They are quirky and remind me of festive fae, but so desire to be stern and cold. They are dark Witches, who find peace in being morbidly pure, but prefer to be nice and stick to Angelic Guidance. They are also faerie-filled and full of Earth Healing energy, yet shy away from accepting the “niceness” that was so ridiculed. 

Why is that? People’s judgements. 

The answer that nobody likes to hear is; ignore people’s judgements and find your peace, yet that is exactly where I am going with this.

Be true to where your heart wanders and stay true to yourself. At the end of the day, everyone is going to have their judgements. People will always be opinionated and they will always say, “you should be this instead of that” or “that instead of this”. If you’re going to allow them to play goalkeeper, they are going to constantly move the goal, making you a player who constantly has to change and shift themselves to the next “desired” goal. As soon as you hit one target, or goal, it moves to the next. 

Don’t compromise your edge to suit others needs. Ever.

There’s only one of you. Be true to that one.


Pact With The Universe Spell


  1. Piece of Paper
  2. Green Pen or Marker
  3. Nature {Garden or Park}
  4. Soil


  1. Write down on your piece of paper everything you don’t like about yourself. Be as honest as possible. No one is going to see this but you.
  2. End the note with this phrase: “I Now Create A Pact With The Universe Where I Will Wash Away My Judgements To The Gods/Goddess/Universe”.
  3. Keep this note in a safe place, like your pocket, and find a nice spot in Nature’s soil to bury it in.
  4. After burying it, hold your hands over the soil, and imagine green light entering the palms of your hands.
  5. If you would like to end this with an added short meditation, feel free to do so, or just walk away knowing you have accomplished self-honesty.

Blessed Be




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