Create A Rift Spell


This is a spell I needed to place here, because I have been asked by countless people, including my conscience.

This spell will create a rift between you and the person you desire. It is not going to create extreme separation, as my guides have guided me to include something powerful yet more comforting.

It will sever ties and make the person, who you want to leave you alone, ignore you for a while while you figure out if this is really what you desire. 

The spell works almost instantaneously yet needs hours to fully take hold.

Once the spell has been concluded, and you will know when they start coming back into your life again, repeat if desired for more permanent results. We often make hasty decisions out of anger, not that they are not correct sometimes, yet we do tend to regret those hasty decisions, sometimes. This spell makes it easier for you to decide, once it has been completed. 


The Spell

This spell includes real pearls. If that seems hard to obtain at the moment, use Seven Clear Quartz Crystals instead. Small in size and easy to carry around. 


  1. Pearl Necklace*
  2. Agatized or Crystallized Coral*
  3. White Candle
  4. Tibetan Singing Bowl
  5. Picture of You and Desired Person

Pearls are alive in every way, and are utilized most commonly in Ancient Tibetan Spells. They come from Oysters, and are a symbol of the cleansing properties of the Sea, and are very calming and Divinely Feminine. Mother of Pearl, more specifically carries with it healing feminine properties, tied to motherhood and connecting with our inner caretaker. 

 Agatized or Crystallized Coral can be used to support trauma therapy and assists in working through emotional issues from dysfunctional families or relationships. It provides the primary energy toward the activation of the divine nature and infinite perfection which is within the self. Agatized Coral can facilitate the projection of energy to create, to sustain, to change, to modify….” — Love is in the Earth-Kaleidoscopic Pictorial, Supplement A by Melody 



  1. Find a nice comfortable spot on the ground, at an hour where it is most quiet in your home or area.
  2. Light the white candle, place your picture frame right next to it and place the pearl necklace on the right-hand side of the frame, hanging.
  3. Place the Coral behind your frame symbolizing protection.
  4. Leave the Tibetan Bowl wherever you choose.
  5. After placing the ingredients in the above order, look at the picture and visualize the desired results. Think about how this rift makes and will make you feel.
  6. Make your Tibetan Bowl sing {a phrase I like to use} by lightly hitting it with the instrument it comes with, and pressing it around the bowl moving deosil.
  7. The Tibetan Bowl’s ringing sound will create a calm in the space, feel your emotions like anger being dispelled.
  8. Place the bowl down, hold your hands over the candle and chant the following, twice: Sever The Ties, Sever The Bonds, Create A Rift That Lasts Long. When I Realize The Bond That Stays, Mend My Broken Tired Ways.
  9. Leave the candles to burn for Fifteen Minutes, and then snuff it out. 
  10. Enjoy your new-found freedom! 

IMG_0002 Blessed Be


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