Goddesses & Spellcasting


We are surrounded by magic, it’s just a matter of tapping the energies available as they float around us. When spellcasting you can summon the goddess energy. Divine ancient goddess energies will activate the loving energies within you and your partner, or your desired partner. Witchcraft is the unleashing of magical power, spells can be enhanced by using the energy exuding from crystals, statues, gods, goddesses and all manner of magical beings.

Before you begin spellcasting, gather all your magical implements, tend to your environment, light candles, incense, surround yourself with crystals, statues of gods and goddesses. Charge your cauldron, energise your wand, awaken your altar, these touches help to open the doorway to other dimensions.

Once the incense is burning, the candles lit, fragrant oils filling the air, place all your magical items on the altar, this is your sacred space, you are preparing to summon the goddess energy. Otherworldly energies begin to swirl as you prepare to spellcast and open a connection to the Divine, this is where Earth meets higher realms and forms a conduit. Stand in front of your altar and feel yourself detach from your day to day trammels, be open to otherworldly elements. As you stand in your sacred space absorb the magical energies surrounding you, breathe in the Divine energy.

To successfully spellcast, a certain formula is necessary to ensure magic that will bring the desired results, your three steps are; intention – desire – merging.

What is your intention?

What do you want to achieve from your spellcasting?

What kind of love spell do you want to create?

(1) Intention: Create your cone of power, think clearly about your intention and expectation, be clear and sure that this is what you want.

(2) Desire: You must utterly want your spell to work and absolutely have the ardent desire to attain what you wish for.

(3) Merging with the Divine: The third step is the most important, this is where you open up to the Divine, feel the flow, believe it is there for you.

Belief is the most important component when spellcasting, it is the ingredient that makes magic happen.

Continuation: WITCHESLORE

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