Card of The Day


Hey Everyone,

I chose to start posting after my long hiatus with this card. The energies coming to Earth are extremely powerful at this moment. Anything not serving your path or clogging it, is being revealed or has been revealed to you over the last couple of weeks. Things seem out of order, and going back in time and staying there seems like the optimum way to be at this time.

That thinking does not serve you and your path. It seems like the best option, but is the easiest one because you have made it so. Look at all the alternatives and see if there is true happiness there. If so, the option of going back is not the easiest but is the most comfortable.

Your goals will be revealed to you today, the same way the unburdening has over this past year. Stick to it. You will surely find your spark.

This is the path that you chose, today you’ll remember why.


Blessed Be




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