Herbs To Cure Sickness


With my last post pointing to many Energies coming to Earth, I have been a little under the weather lately.

Nonetheless, that has given me time to see what works and what doesn’t and to test them out first-hand, from my very own garden to your screens.



Lemongrass ۰Cymbopogon۰: We sometimes forget that emotion plays a big role in our energetic system. When I thought of relaxation, Lemongrass immediately came to mind. This zesty herb is reminiscent of a SPA getaway, the perfect scent to help lift you off your bed. Steaming this herb in water and inhaling its aromas completely opens up your lungs and chest, drinking this in Tea on the other hand is entirely warming to your system – a burst of Heart Chakra energy.

Frankincense ۰Olibanum۰: I tried using the essential oil and resin, but preferred the resin for its ability to create smoke. The smoke, when inhaled, opens up nasal passages and releases your mind’s negativity. Other than it clearing your breathing system, it cleanses the room of negativity and is one of the world’s most famous resins to burn. If you only have the essential oil, an oil burner will do wonders.

Salt: This isn’t exactly an herb, but I figured if this worked with negativity clearing in spells, it could clear my body of residual energy. Being sick is not just an immune system problem or a disease of the mind, it is an emotional disease, too. Most people tend to feel depressed when they’re sick and an overall feeling of empty-ness, fixing that can bring wellness on one level, which creates a domino effect on every level. A few sprinkles in your food or smoothies will do, there is no need to go overboard with this.

Marjoram ۰or Mint۰:  Adding this to a Spell when you’re under the weather will do you some good. I have been adding Mint to a lot of my posts lately, and saw a lot of similarities in texture to Marjoram. Adding this sweet-scented herb to your Teas, Salads, Dips or Spells invigorates the senses. Thank me later, for this one. ❤

Thyme ۰Thymus۰: Honestly, with this one Biology class did come in handy. I knew the word “Thymus” rung a bell in my memory chain, and it did. The Thymus gland is located where lungs are for some people, and beneath your throat for others, depending on height and stature. Using this peppery-scented herb in your Beef & Poultry to season works pleasantly. Enjoy breathing easy meat-eaters, from a former meat-eater-turned-vegan, who greatly misses cooking steak – I wouldn’t take back my new found glory, though.

Green or Red Chilli {Depending on your heat tolerance}: I must say, this one happened by accident. I noticed feeling so much lighter after adding Green Chilli to my soup – granted after feeling like my mouth was on fire. I felt my nasal passages completely opening up, and the sinus just started pouring out, one tissue after the other. If this seems a little too extreme, substitute it with the less spicier Chilli versions.


I hope you never have to use these herbs, but if your emotions need cleansing and sickness comes knocking at your door, these will surely help.

Blessed Be






  1. Emily · July 7

    I missed seeing your posts so much. I knew there was something off. Hope you are doing better now! I couldn’t comment without knowing for sure!


  2. Ahmed Buflasa · July 7

    Get well soon ❤


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