Release Tension Gel


With Spring’s light breeze being overshadowed by Summer’s heavy rays, it can get a little hectic performing duties outside, especially in the Middle East’s strong heat.

Our backs start aching, thumbs go numb, heat-stroke is not uncommon, too; with all of people’s aches, pains and sores in the air, I found it fitting to create and test a Witchy gel of my own. In case you don’t have these ingredients laying around, or find them inaccessible, I will provide substitute ingredients at the bottom of this page.



I had intended to make a cream, but realized it was more of a gel instead, hence, the name change on the Title.



Side Note: If you intend to use this on yourself only add two stems of Aloe Vera. If intended to use on yourself and others add four stems of Aloe Vera and six ice cubes.


  1. Scoop out the gel from the two stems of Aloe. If you don’t know how to do this without pricking your fingers, this website has loads of informative info: How To Make Aloe Vera Gel from Fresh Aloe Leaves.
  2. Place it in an empty bowl and add the Jasmine flowers inside. If you are using essential oil instead of flowers, drop four drops on the Aloe. The amount of flowers is entirely up to you, as some people prefer a strong scent while others do not like such an overpowering smell. {Jasmine’s scent has profound sedative and calming properties, adding even one flower will do}
  3. Add three tablespoons of Argan Oil in the mix and stir. {Argan Oil most famously stems from Morocco and has now made it’s way to being a staple in skin and hair care. Apart from having smoother skin, Argain Oil’s tension releasing properties stems from its ability to calm inflamed skin, such as from razor burns}
  4. Add the ice cubes once you’re done stirring and place in the refrigerator. {Cold temperatures can help alleviate symptoms brought on by heat or can calm fatigue. In this case, soothes tensions brought on by aches and pains – especially those caused by the Summer’s heat}
  5. Let this mix refrigerate for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Use on designated area of tension.



  • Aloe Vera —> Blended Cucumber
  • Jasmine —> Lavender, Catnip or Vervain
  • Argan Oil —> Jojoba Oil

75aa40626dcdc2109b73f35f7d04730a.gifBonus75aa40626dcdc2109b73f35f7d04730a.gif: Use visualization along with this and it will work that much more! Visualize a beam of golden light radiating from your hands as your rub this on your skin, focus your intention on healing, soothing and calming your ache or tension.

Blessed Be





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