Card of The Day


Hey, Everyone! 

I was feeling ethereal today and thought nothing could lift people’s spirits more than a Fairy Message…


The message of Faith is with you all today. It feels hard trusting in the unknown, taking a risk or jumping ahead without being certain of tomorrow. If you find yourself stuck, not knowing what to do or which way to turn, trust your guiding spirits. 

Take a few moments today to meditate, walk outside, clear your mind, tend to your rituals while making your thoughts and wishes clear to your guides. Remind yourself why faith exists and how it can help you with overcoming your concerns over the future. 

Although I love being positive and nestling positivity in people’s hearts, I don’t like people to feel like my guidance is too airy and does not acknowledge the duality and dark times in life. 

With that being said, I created a spell I know most of you will love! The ingredients are simple and easy to find and this can be executed at any hour, day or time. 


Guiding Spell


  1. One White Large Candle {Representing purification, angels, guides and purity.}
  2. Water
  3. Small Bowl


  1. Find a nice comfortable spot, preferably quiet, and place your ingredients in front of you, either on the ground or on a table. Your altar table will obviously do.
  2. Light your white candle and pour your water in the bowl. If you are using a plastic bottle and did not pour in the water from a tap, move the water bottle from your area of practice. Every drop of intention goes into spell casting, including ingredients. The plastic can play a role in the outcome.
  3. Dip your fingers in the bowl and drizzle some water on to your candles.
  4. Repeat the following spell, twice:
Guiding Spirits
I Call To You
In This Hour
To Make Me New

Snuff your candle out and pour your bowl of water into Earth.

Blessed Be




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