Aliens: Personal Story


Hey Everyone,

Today I would like to share a personal story, that I have been asked about for nearly 8 years now.

The story itself is not old, it happened around 2012, seeing as so many other catastrophically energizing events happened on that same year. I remember it vividly, although I honestly wish I hadn’t. The encounter was a let down. I am saying I have been asked about the story for nearly 8 years now, because I have been speaking about aliens ever since I was in Middle School. My peers and teachers would always ask me if I had any personal stories to share, and I always declined because I did not want to put them in any harm. Talking about aliens at the time wasn’t exactly mainstream, and talking about them, then, would ruffle a few feathers, maybe a phone line or two. It was my wish to make this my own journey, and to not make anyone else a willing passenger on my own.

I have been asked by many followers on social media if I ever had any personal encounters with aliens, and I did not know where to begin. I travelled to Peru in search of myself, as I have stated several times here and here.

What I failed to mention is that other than trying Ayahuasca, I travelled there for its rich alien history. I saw many burial sites, and took pictures of many alien remains and artifacts. The experience was refreshing and completely validated what I always knew; that humans choose to be left in the dark, that answers are out there, if you seek them. 

I am mentioning my trip to Peru as credibility, because I do know anyone who talks about aliens like this is silenced and called a liar, like it is a big dark secret that the Universe is never-ending and ever-expanding and it would be moronic and unbelievably egotistical to think we, humans, only live and breathe this vast air.

But anyways, back to my original story…

It was a Friday, and this particular story took place outside of my home door. 

I had just come back from the gym and was listening to songs on my iPhone. I even remember what song was playing when this happened, I have somewhat of a photographic memory.

As I was listening to the music, I felt the most unbelievably stale energy, like I was somehow trapped in an energetic box. The world around me looked different. The sky looked dark, even darker than the usual night sky. Dare I say it, the entire world looked like a lost hopeless scene. I felt like the source of this illness was coming directly from above. I immediately looked above me to find the source of this energy, and could not fathom what I saw. 

Mind you, my phone was in my hand the entire time. If I had just clicked on the camera and took a picture, I would have captured what would have been the clearest UFO picture of all time, right above my head. I was too at a disbelief at the energy and it was so foreign, that I couldn’t move, so I just observed…

The UFO looked like your stereotypical spacecraft. It was round, grayish silver, and had orange lights in the shape of a triangle on the bottom. 

It slowed down for a moment above my head, and I thought I was going to get abducted. I expected to see beaming white lights. I expected anything other than what happened…

It slowed above my head, and then disappeared at such a fast rate into the night sky. It had appeared out of nowhere, and then disappeared into nowhere.


What encouraged and almost forced me to type this up, is how in a world of belief and wonder anything the government does not approve of is a “conspiracy”.

We’re not in the 90s anymore, and I have seen too many confused people because of alien encounters.

If you ever think there is more to a story, but feel confused because of what the world approves or disapproves of, find this blog. 

I’ll believe you.

Blessed Be





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