To Be A Witch


There are many varying ideas on what it is to be a Witch. Some say it is adopting the religion of Wicca. Some say, it is becoming a Pagan and frolicking in the grass and communing with herbs all day.

When I am asked what a Witch is to me, I say one thing: A person (male or female) who possesses magical powers with the addition of harnessing the five elements (water, air, fire, earth, spirit). 

Whether the said person possesses more than one gift, or uses only one specific element or one specific way of style, is up to them; but all fit in the category of a Witch. (Wizards included, as I know that has been a topic of many heated debates in Witch Communities. All magic is welcome to me).

Being a Witch means going against everything society deems normal, above the “laws of physics”, even. So, to me at least, embarking on this journey entails no rules with it. You do not have to adopt Paganism to be a Witch, or Wiccan Books to practice, you simply need to figure out your style and flair, and how exactly you would like to use your gifts: for “good” or “evil”.

That is entirely up to you. But remember, anything you do will come back to you threefold. Practice what you plan on receiving.


To be a Witch is to be truly free from societal boundaries. To be a Witch is to be one with the elements: fire, earth, water and air. To be a Witch is to worship the Old Gods and The New, always keeping in mind they are here for our pleasure too, and not just for obedience. To be a Witch is to be truly free.

Good Luck and Blessed Be

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  1. Tiara · July 30

    The Original Witch, indeed!!

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  2. Yusuf · July 30


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