Malfunctions & Other Info


Hello Fellow Witches,

There seems to be malfunctions again with WordPress. My Publish button has once again vanished from the writing and editing process. It has been difficult typing anything at all, as the posts are not going through. 

Nonetheless, I hope WordPress sorts out this blunder once and for all so we can all get on with our day and I can go back to typing my information. Until the issues get sorted, I will not abandon this platform and will add informative pieces from the internet, that resonate with what I am doing or wanted to say, so you all can follow me on my journey too! 🥂

1395863695546258168divider line flower roses blue-hi

Flowers have been on the forefront of my mind lately. They are gifts from the Gods, visually and sensually and medically. 

I had intended to type up a list of what I have been seeing in Switzerland and the properties of each, but the malfunctions are tiring and never-ending.

In the meantime, the website...

is probably the equivalent of Witch Wikipedia. Flower origins along with uses can be found there.

1395863695546258168divider line flower roses blue-hi

Blessed Be, My Darlings

If you have any special requests, don’t forget to leave me a message as usual.



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