Card of The Day & Elements


Hello Beautiful Witches,

I am currently sat in my hotel room in Bad Ragaz, Switzerland πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­Β going through all your e-mails and well wishes.

I would like to start off this post by saying my WordPress still seems to be a little off, so on the Contact Me page on this site, I am receiving your e-mails a day late. Nonetheless, I have responded to all of them & your requests on readings and pulling a Card of The Day are well-heard. Since you all seem to be enjoying the Cards lately; and some of you depend on them, I decided to focus my Intuition on this instead.



This card rings true to my situation & I hope it resonates with you as well. I am currently constantly surrounded by beautiful nature 🌳 & a lot of suppressed and past anger came gushing to the surface. I found myself really thinking about what matters.

People & situations will always try to get the best of you. Life is about going through the motions to discover your purpose, who you are, if you will.

It is always easier said than done, telling yourself to let go and feel no resentment or anger. The idea here, which is something I always like to tell my friends: do not let anger consume you. It is normal to feel anger. Without anger there would be no passion. No fire. No learning or life experiences. But, when that anger is all you can think about and it piles on for years… it is time to let go – not for the other person or situation but for yourself. When you see life with a calmer lens, sometimes, it puts everything into perspective.

Thinking when you are consumed by anger can be clouded. Assumptions are made. Battles are declared, and it can really consume you as a person. When you realize that people will always try to get on your nerves or situations actually need to crash to bring out the beauty of life, there will be no need for resentments…

Only triumphs and learning experiences.

I hope this helped you in some way to be truly free. πŸ₯€



The Elements

Being surrounded by all the elements lately is making magic that more fun. Don’t get me wrong, as the saying goes, there truly is “no place like home”, but being one with so much green is truly mystical. {I must insist I am loving a play on words lately, I truly enjoy the use of multiplying words I love, such as truly.}

With that being said, I thought I would put together a short guide of what the Elements can bring you in your magical practices or spells. I will not include North, South or East directions or Masculine/Feminine because I truly believe that is up to the practitioner or Witch. I like no rules, it makes life that much more adventurous, doesn’t it?

Air πŸŒͺ: Air is ever-present. Air is all around us and the very essence of serenity, calmness & wellness: breathing. On the other hand, air can also be destructive, like all elements. It is present in hurricanes, tornados, extreme or high winds. It is present in the swiftness, quick-thinking & duality of β€’Air Signsβ€’: Gemini, Aquarius & Libra embody the Air element, they are most notoriously known for their ability to juggle many thoughts at once. If the Moon or Sun were to be in an Air sign, it would be a time of mind-energy, swiftness, fairness {as most good-hearted Libras are known to be} and for getting in touch with our dual nature.. to name a few. In magic or spells, using Air can bring with it the mentioned characteristics above along with a renewed sense of breathing when combined with meditation.

Fire πŸŽ‡: Fire is known for its destructiveness, yet is seldom known for its renewing and passionate characteristics. We all know fire destroys and is often seen in burning spells or paper, but what most should know, is fire can transport or clear {like all elements}. β€’Fire Signsβ€’: Leo, Aries & Saggittarius are known for their feiry moods, explosive tempers, passionate nature and tumultuous energies. They are often proud and are extremely aware of that. What fire can add to your magical practices? All the qualities mentioned above. It is probably the most used element, with candle magic being at the forefront or start of magical practices. If the Sun or Moon were in a fire Element, it would be a time where energies are high and ready to go.

Earth 🌿: Earth is the very foundation on which we walk on. Earth teaches us about renewal, decay, flourishing 🌷& helping. I added helping because herbs in spells are always known to, among other traits, to protect & help amplify {no different than any other element, but just an attachment lately}. β€’Earth Signsβ€’: Taurus, Capricorn & Virgo are the chill-natured Earth dwelling, land-loving humans of the Zodiac. If The Sun or Moon were to be in an Earth sign, it would be time to connect with nature, familial values & sternness. What Earth can bring to your magical practices? Other than the mentioned traits above, it can create a great medicinal attachment to Nature πŸŒΎπŸ’πŸŒΌ.

Water ❄️: Water flows through most of Earth and is the very essence of vitality. Without water, which makes up almost 70-80% of the human body, there would be no life. β€’Water Signsβ€’: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces are true to the Element. They are nurturing, extremely intuitive And pierce to the heart of any situation. Like Water, both can be either nurturing or corrosive. Water can destroy all, like the great diluge, or can vitalize and replenish. Β {As a Water Sign, I was fascinated with the Sea and water at a very young age}. The now Late Dr. Masauru Emoto, who wrote books such as, The Hidden Messages in Water πŸ’¦Β & The True Power of Water πŸ’¦Β are extremely good reads. They completely display how energy changes water & how important water is. Although I no longer have an attachment to science, this completely changed me at a pivotal time in my life.

Spirit or The Ether 🌫: This may not be an Element, per se, but is an important and pivotal part of the pentagram. Five points representing Five Elements. Everyone has their own theories as how to contact spirits, I would hate to constrict you to one of life’s many possibilities, but The Ether is an essential part of growth, solitude and guidance.

This was a short introduction to The Elements. They are all too deep to be discussed in a few simple posts, as their benefits & uses are many to name. If you would like my post on Introduction to Sun β˜€οΈΒ Signs, simply click the right hand side on the main page and type that on the Search button.Β 


Blessed Be Shining ✨ Stars



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